Sports Investing Q&A: Here is what you ought to know in order to become a winner – and how to avoid the pitfalls


We collected the best of the best questions that the newbies and experienced ZCode members have asked. Then, to help you become a successful sports investor, we put together the answers, with a host of secrets from the masters in an episode that you shouldn’t miss! Among other things, founding father Mike Z. talks about the origins of ZCode: how it all began! He tells us all about when there wasn’t even a website, only a Facebook fan page; the first apps and growing to became the most revolutionary site for sports investment.

  • ZCode is not just about sports. It’s about making money doing what you love: sports investing.
  • Guessing a winner is easy. Making money consistently is a different story.
  • How different is investing in sports compared to investing in gold, Euros, dollars, or Apple stock?
  • Having fun with sports investment and winning along the way.
  • Being a great capper isn’t just about knowing your sport; what else do you need?
  • Why ZCode created the betting bots and how they work.
  • What makes the ZCode community so addictive and why it wins.
  • “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • The number one reason that newbies fail on sports betting.
  • Does ZCode really cover all 365 days of the year?
  • How do I get rich? What are the secrets?
  • How a right mindset can make such a difference.
  • The 3 types of people that you must avoid in sports investing – and why.
  • How ZCode maintains such positivity in its community and the behind-the-scenes secret.

Uniting your efforts with the brightest minds in sports and the greatest programmers makes you successful.

Download the Transcription here —> episode35

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