Doctor Frank, Daily Fantasy Sports expert shows what you ought to know to be profitable with Daily Fantasy Sports


Not many are aware of this, but there is some serious money flowing through this industry. This is not just a hobby, and with the right tools you can be very successful. So our good friend Dr Frank is going to share his wisdom with us. He’ll give us the highlights of the industry and the secrets that will help you to use the tools in your favor – and be profitable.

  • How to get started? valuable tips for DFS newbies
  • Fantasy is legal in most states. great oportunity for american investors!
  • How the game change from seasonal to daily, and the great opportunites that this represent for people
  • Take the ultimate roster of your dreams and convert it into a profit machine
  • Why more and more media monsters join the fantasy party?
  • Fantasy sports are getting universal, more and more countries can win!
  • Which games are the most appropiate for newbies? get in for free!
  • Fanduel, Draftkings, and the smaller bookies. Pros and cons
  • Get all the knowledge that you can from the Zcode experts to obtain a great advantage in all the fantasy leagues
  • Why so many people fail?
  • The impact of Line Reversals on DFS
  • The bankroll management
  • Avoid some of the most common mistakes
  • The Zcode Daily Fantasy Sports Predictor, a powerful tool that will make you successful

Enjoy guys!

Download full transcript of Dr Frank Fantasy Sports Podcast and system here


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