NHL 2015/2015 season preview, picks and predictions revealed by Legendary Mark D


Hi guys, we are about to start one of the most exciting part of the year, when 3 major sports NFL, NHL and NBA are starting out together in an amazing opportunity for sports investors to profit with Zcode VIP club! And today, as every year, we have a legendary Mark that never had a losing season on NHL hockey to reveal his insights, previews and predictions for the season so you can make most money with it!

In this episode

  • Team by team preview. Who looks strong? Who’s undervalued? All the best and worst.
  • The new overtime format, 3 on 3.
  • The coach’s challenges rule, how this change the game?
  • Connor McDavid, the new sensation.
  • Players to follow. Make a great fantasy sports team.
  • The performance of Chicago Blackhawks.
  • The secrets of one of the most solid and steady systems in the history of Zcode.
  • The tips for all the followers.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check VIP Zcode club for Mark’s forum on NHL where he never had a losing season! Make your profits and grow your bankroll!


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