JFEN: “Thrive Don’t Just Survive” system. How to Double Your Bankroll Every 6 months

Sports Betting Podcast by Zcode
JFEN: "Thrive Don't Just Survive" system. How to Double Your Bankroll Every 6 months

In this episode we meet our legendary Zcode expert Jfen, the developer of “Thrive Don’t Just Survive” and many other successful systems to find out what makes him so successful. With an outstanding knowledge of all Major American Sports, Jfen made over $35100 usd profit to his followers last season! Lets find out more:

Inside the episode:

  • Jfen progress and the secret to his systems
  • His way into sports investing.
  • Secrets of the “Spartan Athlete”
  • What does money really mean?
  • Money Management that WORKS!
  • How is Jfen running his systems?
  • Favourite teams to bet on and profitable teams
  • What’s the confidence level?
  • What are tiers in his system and filters to select picks
  • New system in coming?
  • Key for make the business stable.
  • Zcode tools for Jfen?
  • Important facts in the sports investing
  • Tips or advices to the followersl2v2cM9

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