Interview with Vincent the Super Single creator and Euro 16 insights

In this episode, we’ll talk with one of the most important soccer handicappers
in the community. He is Vincent, a helpful member who gives out picks to us almost every
day. His Super Single System is powerful! One of his last goals was a Chevy Corvette…

Inside the episode we’ll find:

- His first steps into sports investing.
- The potential money in this business.
- Whether it’s only about money or also fun.
- Vincent’s favorite sport and his love team.
- Soccer competitions.
- His systems: Daily double, Super Single, Max bet… and the filters that he uses.
- How does Vincent accept losses?
- New systems.
- Predictions for the last round of the Champions League.
- EURO 2016: insights and surprises.
- ZCode tools for your predictions.
- How he discovered ZCode.
- Learn about other members.
- How to become a succesful capper.
- Common newbie mistakes.
- Tips and advice.


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