NHL Playoffs Picks: Anaheim Ducks vs Chicago Blackhawks, Game 5

NHL Playoffs Picks: Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.56.29 PMThis series is pretty much going to plan. The Anaheim Ducks anD Chicago Blackhawks continue to battle. The experience of the Blackhawks has been on display as they find ways to win overtime games. The explosiveness of the Anaheim Ducks has come to light throughout the series. This is a doozy.

What we thought would be the key to this series was the physicality and size of the Anaheim Ducks and whether they could wear down Chicago to win the series. We also noted that Crawford had returned to form and Anaheim goaltending would need to match the play of a more experienced goalie.

So far, I think everything we expected to see is happening. The Blackhawks have to be feeling some fatigue after all these hits from bigger Ducks players, and the overtime cannot be helping. The defense is missing key players and the shortened roster will not last much longer. Even though these past few games have been tight, I think you’ll see the Anaheim Ducks begin to impose their will on the Chicago Blackhawks as goaltending and experience keep them holding on here.

Z-Code gives a slight edge to the Anaheim Ducks and expects a very tight game. There is some limited value on the Blackhawks here according to the algorithm, while the best play appears to be the +1.5 Chicago line at 84%. Personally, I see more value in the Ducks ML here and I don’t like laying that much to win on the +1.5 line. As such, we’re on the Ducks with limited computer support.

Ducks 3 – Blackhawks 2


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