Next Big Winning Streak contest with 15 wins, $6,092 profit!

1. You are one of the hottest leaders of the Next Big Winning Streak contest with 15 wins, $6,092 profit!  Tell us more about yourself, where are you from?

I ‘m 36 years old. Live in Antwerp, Belgium with my wife and three sons.

I ‘ve got a nine till five job, which I ‘m dying for to replace it by making money at a more interesting, less stressful way.
I ‘m hoping it could be sports investing in the future.

Well, with my current streak I at least have the hopes back, that someday it could happen.
We ‘ll see.

2. Your inspiration post about your son’s hockey was much appreciated by community. Please tell us more about his success!

About my sons success at Hockey there isn’t much to tell about. Sadly enough.
20-1 loss against a Russian team, 22-0 loss against a finnish team. Ruben scored only Phantom goal.
The team got a standing ovation from over 500 Russians. Thanks for that ;-) Because they never gave up.
Note: our team trains about 2 hours a week, the Russians about 4 hours a day.

My eldest son has character and keeps on going until he crashes … that ‘s his main weapon.
He can ‘t stand injustice and when this happens, he explodes ;-) That ‘s his downside.
So it ‘s a bit worrying me, his collisions with the coaches.
But I believe when he finds his balance in this, he will be pretty good. After all he’s 10 years old.

My second son (just turned 8) is training to be goalie at ice-hockey, so next year he will play the matches as goalie.
I ‘m looking forward to it.

Both play also soccer. The eldest, Ruben, plays it like he ‘s playing hockey, but I guess this will be his last year.
Tibe (8) is a also goalie there and is a brilliant goalkeeper for his age.

My youngest, Lars, (just turned 5), only wants to be ice-man … You know, the guy on the Zamboni ;-)

3. What is the secret behind your long winning streaks?
My secret behind my longest streak and if I may add, my first proven success at sportsinvesting, is:

Just NBA, take home team, huge favorite, preferably odds below 1.10, and from this team you go to the ‘additional point spread’ and look for a spread with odds between 1.30 and 1.33.
That is what I try to do.

But now with the end of the NBA, and the last chance to come closer to TEA, I now perhaps must play other plays.
I started too late and let too many days slip by without putting up a bet, to win this contest. Next year we try again ;-)

4. What Zcode tools help you win? What do you think about our contests?

Problem is that I work full time and when most of the American sports are played … I ‘m asleep.
I solely (most of the time) just use my budget smartphone to read the Zcode forum (the wall doesn’t load, my phone gets stuck then), and place my bets (bet365).
Sometimes it ‘s a hell of a job. Because I have only a 30-45 minute break to eat at noon.
The rest is done when walking to my sons school and taking the bus home.

Just to say I mostly read the forum, listen to what other people are thinking, sometimes trying something like line-reversals, but I ‘m not getting it at the moment … to less time to study and paper trade.

I ‘m looking forward to the MLB season, I want to follow the Alpha / Delta trend, but must wait a few weeks until the teams have taken their places.

The contests are a must have for ZCODE and his followers, just because of the opportunity it gives.
It brings people of the same mindset together and it ‘s like a great brainstorming kind of thing, where a few people can make something workable of.

Through this contest I learned about this method I ‘m using. My first contest in february I couldn’t have 2-3 winnings in a row and gave up. Now I’ve got my streak.

My main concern is – Aaaaah, NBA season is over and I haven’t found another system – but as I read on the forum there are guys (e.g. Ginger) working on a new system for MLB, so there ‘s hope!

I hope there ‘s also an MLB contest to come, just for the possibility that we can find a new working system.
I know they are out there, we just have to find them.

I lost lots of money to find systems in soccer, horses, NHL, … and will be losing a lot more, but at this time I can proudly say, I ‘ve found 1 working system … I just have to wait till next NBA season to cash in :-(

5. Your advice to the newbie readers on how to be a long term winner like you?
My advice to newbies (and pro’s running a bad streak ;-) ):

1: Read a lot on the forum and use your brains. then read it again and again and again.

2: Then start asking question when necessary.

3: Every bet you make, write it down. The more details the better!
Preferably in a spreadsheet.

I use a notepad on my smartphone to write up things, not quite as detailed as I would, but hey I only got my smartphone. Which means I still got a lot of room for progress.
Over the last 2-3 months I ‘ve had about 40 notes of which about 15 are still alive.
That way I can see which systems are getting me money and where I am losing my money and how much.
Good systems on the forum for me are my streak, Legolas, Aragorn, Cyrils kiss.
Good but to be cautious with and in need of some kind of moneymanagement are the horseforum, the doubling method

4: Don’t oversize you bets!

Play with €1 – €2, if you ‘ve got a good feeling try €5 and try to build a bankroll.
With my good systems I use at the moment €20 a unit. Next year NBA I ‘ll take it further up to probably €20 for the first weeks and after a week of three to €30-€40-€50

5: Try to find a kind of bankroll-managementsystem. It ‘s probably different for every system you play.

It ‘s one of the most important utilities you have. I am struggling with it myself. But if you find the right money-management system for the right betting-system … man, I think it ‘s pure gold.
You can easily (doesn’t mean overnight, but by plan, and less stress) pick up your losses, there where most people struggle to first get your losses back and by the time when you ‘ve done this you ‘re already in the next bad-streak.

6: Cut your bets. Your undoubtedly are playing to much games. I know I am, still, after all this.

7: Recap – recap – recap.
Always look back. What has happened? Am I loosing? Am I winning? Do I make circles (that’s where I ‘m at ;-) )?
What is the rest doing? I know when I ‘m loosing lots of money on the horses, I’m looking at the horsesforum and … most of the others are having losses or smaller profits too … you now it isn ‘t you then.

8: Every game can be fixed by bookies! You do not know when, you don’t know how. But they do, and they do it a lot!

9: This is all to be a long term winner, meaning it will take years to be where you want to be.
I ‘m an active bettor for 1,5 years now, I ‘ve put more money in it than I ‘ve got from it.
I turned active ZCODE’r since halfway December and just now I’m making little money (few hundreds a month) from it.
Mainly because I lose less money on bets where I shouldn’t be betting on, and I bet less and more well thought-out.

Feel free to comment, I perhaps may not like it, but I know I will learn from it ;-)


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