News from zLab: Soccer Line Reversals added! and secret to winning on sports

After we upgraded the servers last week, we have really great potential for future developments and growth!

One of the new tools from  Zcode Lab is called “Soccer Line Reversals

The secret of this idea is true not just for soccer but for all sports. If you want to win, you must bet together with Vegas sports books, not against the vegas. You need to see where the public is betting their bets and bet agains them (fading the public).

In case you missed the fade the public idea you can check it out here:

So lets see examples how Soccer Line Reversals work.

Here is a good example how to use it:

Take a look at the game 15th March, Dortmund opened as  a 1.46  strong favorite. However the line moved heavily against it.

The result? Underdog Moenchengladbach won 2:1!

Another example

Herta BSC – Hannover 96. You can see a strong line support in favor of Hannover. The result? They won! FT Hannover won 3:0

Also on NHL Line reversals we have added the “Totals Line” which shows the change of the odds for NHL totals. It is very helpful to see odds change because the total value itself is usually fixed at 5 or 5.5 while odds change a lot !




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