NBA Predictions November 9: Will the 76ers remain perfect at home?

As we enter the second week of November, teams are starting to feel what they have in terms of making playoff pushes later in the season. Can the 76ers remain undefeated at home? Their game against the Hornets and four others are on the slate. Note that all information is for games played through November 5.

Charlotte Hornets versus Philadelphia 76ers

Both teams are in the middle of the playoff pack in the Eastern Conference, however the 76ers have a huge advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator. Despite a terrible game on the road versus New Jersey, the 76ers are “burning hot” versus “ice cold down” for the Hornets. The 76ers are a perfect 6-0 at home and are tied for the third most stable team in the league. Charlotte has a +7.6 point differential compared to -1.3 for Philadelphia. However, the 76ers have been so tough at home and likely home favorites. They almost always win as a home favorite, so take the 76ers in this one.

Detroit Pistons versus Atlanta Hawks

Detroit has lost their last five after starting the season 4-0. Atlanta is 3-6 and also appears to be going nowhere. Detroit holds a +10 to +3 edge on the Power Ranking Indicator and both teams are “ice cold down” on the Team Strength Oscillator. Tied for the second most unstable team in the league, examining the favorite/underdog status for the Pistons is not a good strategy. Atlanta has been slightly better at home as the Pistons have been on the road, so go with Atlanta is a close game.

Indiana Pacers versus Miami Heat

Indiana is off to a great start, ranked third in the Eastern Conference, while the Heat look to get back to .500. The Pacers have a large +25 to +12 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and are “burning hot” versus “ice cold down”. Indiana also has a +4.4 point differential compared to +0.4 for the Heat. Miami will likely be home underdogs are 2-2 at home. However they are one of the most unstable teams in the league, so their favorite/underdog status should be considered lightly. Indiana is too strong and hard to see them falling to an inferior Miami team.

Boston Celtics versus Utah Jazz

Boston comes in having lost two straight and the Jazz are losers of their last four. Both teams are trending downward as indicated in the “average” and “average down” status on the Team Strength Oscillator. Boston is clearly the stronger team and holds a +23 to +19 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator. Utah is winless at home and that is likely to continue, as the Celtics will get back on track in a close road win.

Minnesota Timberwolves versus Sacramento Kings

Minnesota have lost their last three and take on a Sacramento team that has moved into sixth position in the conference. Minnesota still holds a +17 to +14 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator, however the recent trends have them “average down” versus a “burning hot” Kings team.  The Timberwolves have been terrible at home, losers of all six games and have a -7.2 point differential. The Kings aren’t world beaters, but at this time they should have what it takes to defeat a confused, struggling Minnesota team.



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