NBA Predictions for February 21: Boston versus Milwaukee highlights match ups

The NBA resumes play Thursday after the All-Star break. With a third of the season remaining, the push for the playoffs is in full swing. Boston versus Milwaukee is the game of the day, with three other games scheduled.

Boston Celtics versus Milwaukee Bucks

The Boston Celtics head to Milwaukee ranked fourth in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks hold a slim lead for top spot in the East and best record in the NBA. Both teams enter “burning hot” on the Team Strength Oscillator. The Bucks are 43-14 and 20-9 at home. They hold a +27 to +23 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator over Boston, who are 37-21 and 14-13 on the road. The teams have split the two meetings so far this season. Both teams are among the best in stability according to the Team Volatility Oscillator. The Bucks have the best player on the floor and more depth. Home court advantage cannot be overlooked in this one. In a close game decided late, the Bucks will hold on. This is a must see game.

Portland Trailblazers versus Brooklyn Nets

Portland strives to be among the elite in the Western Conference, however they must improve upon their 10-15 record on the road. They get a chance to do that against the 30-29 Nets, who are 17-13 at home. Portland is 34-23 for the season and “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator, but trending much better than Brooklyn, who are “ice cold up”. Portland has a +18 to +9 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and are among the most stable teams at +7 versus -4 for the Nets. The line on this one will be close either way. Pay little attention to the Nets favorite/underdog status due to their low stability score. Portland will begin the turnaround on the road and win this game.

Sacramento Kings versus Golden State Warriors

The Warriors head into the final push with a 41-16 record and 22-7 at home. They have won all three meetings this season over the Kings, who are 11-16 on the road and 30-27 for the season. Golden State ranks higher on the Power Ranking Indicator at +29 to +23 and have “burning hot down” status versus “average”. Interestingly enough, the Kings are among the most stable teams in the league, while the Warriors are among the worst. Therefore, betting solely on favorite/underdog status is not wise in this one. The Warriors are clearly the more superior team and should take care of business at home.

Houston Rockets versus Los Angeles Lakers

The Rockets have the upper hand in the season series, winning all three games. They are 33-24 overall, but just 13-15 on the road. Los Angeles comes in a game under .500 at 28-29 and 16-12 at home. Houston has a +20 to +11 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator, but are among the most unstable teams in the league at -5 on the Team Volatility Oscillator.  Houston has the better overall team, but the gut feeling is that LeBron James is ready to help the Lakers make a late season push towards the post season. In a game that will be close, go with the Lakers to find a way to win.


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21 thoughts on “NBA Predictions for February 21: Boston versus Milwaukee highlights match ups

  1. Nobody has a great team, but as for me Boston is the most balanced. That portends them being the one to pick for the division

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