MLB Picks and Predictions: Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays

MLB Featured Game: Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays

Let me start by saying I love Justin Masterson. I want him to succeed because I hate the Red Sox. I think he has great potential and could be a dominant presence at the top of this rotation by the end of the year.

I also don’t like the Blue Jays this year. Buying talent doesn’t work (says this Yankees fan) and I think it will take some time for this roster to gel. Ask the Angels last year, or the Red Sox for 86 years, or the Phillies last year, or the Red Sox last year…

Now that you know my biases (like you knew them for hockey), here’s some analysis and an introduction to my system:

RA Dickey gives the Jays a pitching advantage.
The Blue Jays are home.
The line is reasonable.
The Jays are the better team.
*Momentum parameter not yet ready*

This fits my system and I’m on this with medium confidence.

One last parameter in my system (with the oscillator not yet ready), Z-Code algorithm support:

4.5 stars, 67% chance of ML victory = parameters in align and supporting my system’s filters.

My filter system is extremely successful, but as you can see, in the beginning of the year it’s missing two key inputs. It’s dangerous to bet big to open the season, but Vegas is going through the same adjustments we are.

I’m on this one for three units of profit in an A B C progression. I don’t think the new-look Jays get swept at home to open the season. I’m confident they win here.

If we fail here, we try to take one unit of profit off the top in B or ultimately (hopefully not) C.

Jays 5 – Indians 3


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