Meet The Butcher, his story and tips on slicing the bookies

Here is his story

My approach to Sports Betting is pretty straightforward and simple I ran multiple sports books for my grandfather in 4 different states for 23 years. Basically I sat and watched guys who lost a lot but more importantly I watched the few guys that would hit us hard for 10s of thousands of dollars and I payed very close attention to the way those guys were betting and I took notes. Over 23 years of taking bets I have a meticulous set of notes on all the bets that really hit our book hard and when we had to pay out guys $50,000 and $60,000 You don’t forget that. And on the other hand you sit and watch most guys continuously lose you know where the losing bets are and again after 23 years of watching that you know the type of bets to stay away from so it’s really not so much a number crunching game for me as much as a pattern of me watching winning and losing bets over 23 years in the business of taking bets and than tweaking them a little for current conditions. The bets I place daily are a 100% reflective of my experience in the business of being a bookie for all those years. The minute I would see a guy making bets like I’m making I would put them in a short leash because I new they would end up hitting me and my grandfathers thing.

I mainly bet USA sports. Basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. With college basketball being my best sport. I am no longer in the business of taking bets. So I earn my money from trading teams like many other here I. Z-code. I do pay attention to a few of the experts as Zcode has some really good ones. I don’t follow trends but I do pay steep ton to them.


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