Live Tennis Sessions with Jake this month

Live Tennis Sessions with Jake this month

April is going to be a fun month, we are finally moving to the clay court season and it is kicking off in Casablanca, Morocco. Extreme hot conditions will slow the matches down, expect usual players like Goffin to do well there. Then we have Houston Event taking place as well, expect extremely heavy winds this time of the year. The likes of Isner, Almagro and Verdasco will do well there.
Then after that my favourite tournament takes place in Monte Carlo, we will expect some of the best tennis to be played there. Slow courts once again should favour Wawrinka, Djokovic, Nadal… So the usual.

In total theres 8 tournaments for males side this month a lot of money to be made!

I am going for 10 units for B.I.G and 20 units for live betting.

That will accumulate to 16,000$ profit!

For female side we finally have the tournament starting in Charleston, it is my favourite female tournament each year because I’m able to generate great profits there.

We also have 5 other tournaments on the side, one of them is Porsche Tennis Grand Prix which Sharapova tends to win almost every year. However I will mainly focus on the Charleston tournament as it will attacks most professional players mainly because of its prize pool of $731,000. We should see Serena Williams there, last year we can remember Svitolina coming out of the tunnel to beat her on the soft clay. It was a great spectacle, I sure will hope to see a great display of tennis this year as well.

I’m going for 5 units for B.I.G and 15 units for live betting with the female tournaments.

I have promised you to dedicate around 20-30 hours for the live sessions each week, and the promise will be delivered.

The sessions are as following:

Tuesday 7th of April: 4pm til 8pm

Wednesday 8th of April: 3pm til 8pm

Thursday 9th of April: 10am until 12am

Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be decided and depending how we get on in the first 4 days.

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