Free NHL Picks Contest ($100 Prize): Buffalo Sabres at Arizona Coyotes

NHL Picks Contest ($100 Prize): Buffalo Sabres at Arizona Coyotes

As I mentioned in the original post, we don’t bet games like this. When two teams are this terrible, there’s an element of volatility that I don’t like to mess with in a long-term investment approach. I’ve written this game off for a week now – especially after the Buffalo Sabres were cheering for the Arizona Coyotes in Buffalo.

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This one is going to be ugly. Both teams are decent defensively and neither gives up many goals, but they also don’t really score them. Further, with two offenses as inept as these, it is hard to say who will be able to control the game. Ultimately, one of these bad offenses may overwhelm a good defense in the end where the rosters are so weak on both sides and possession is difficult to predict.

I’m off this one and have no interest in betting it, but I certainly like to watch what you guys do in the contest… so grab a beer, watch a different hockey game, but throw your hat in the ring for our $100 prize with this week’s competition pick as two horrible teams battle for draft lottery position.

Sabres 2 – Coyotes 1?Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.42.52 AM


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