Featuring James, the Line Guy. Line Reversal Tool + Public Percentages Expert

Hi James, you are on fire lately. Another winning week!

Thanks, and yea, crazy, 17 winning days with hardly any stress, and getting better and better at seeing the winners.  This weekend was winner after winner.  And the biggest kick of all was Gavin knowing I made a mistake today on Minny and correcting and winning.  That was so much fun to see.

I hope you enjoy the read.  (:

Thanks again, love the community and stirring up the members.  And man, thanks for that line reversals tool.  It’s crazy good.

 Okay, lets get started!
> 0. Hi James. You are well known in the community as “The lines guy”.
> You are not new to the community but you were not active before. Tell
> us more about your story? How long have you been doing it? Where are
> you from? What’s your background?

Well, this is interesting.  Yes, been using Z Code for awhile now and watching and reading.  Then got onto the lines tool, can’t recall when it came out, but started having good success with.  Kept trying to figure it out.  I know from my brain understanding, that to learn something, you first need to vocalize it, write it down and secondly teach it.  People don’t know the teacher learns the most.  By putting my thoughts down on the forum I was also effectively being policed if you will.  You can’t bullshit in a forum, well you can, but you will be sniffed out.  So the more I told the lines story, the more I discovered until I hit the “idea” that changed it all and wow, did I ever start winning.
I live on the west coast of Canada, woo woo land for sure.  Which explains a lot of the “mystical” chatter.  I’ve been around gambling since I was 18, starting out as a blackjack dealer in Canada’s first casino.  What a riot that was.  We were pulling in $200 a night in tips!  People were lined up 7 deep.  And the stories.  I stayed in the industry for a few years and ended up being a highly proficient, or profitable, dealer as they say in multiple games.  But I learned something amazing in all those years of dealing.  It was the predictability of the flow of the cards.  Now, that was back when we had hand shuffled decks and only 4 in a shoe.  Today’s 6 deck automated shufflers are a nightmare for players.  You actually learned how to shuffle to change the cards.  Yes.  By hand, it was possible.  But the most amazing thing I felt and experienced was as a dealer, the uncanny ability to feel the flow of the cards.  I attribute this to hours of watching cards flow by, while our own super computer just observed.

I am NOT psychic, but I tell you, it was spooky.  Some nights I could almost call the hand.   The best one ever was one hand, every player on the table had a 20.  Crazy!  We’re all laughing and joking and I was sitting with a 10 as well.  And it hit me.  I turned to the anchor and I said…split your kings.  Remember it like yesterday.  And he said, are you kidding, split Kings, with this many face cards on the table, you’re getting a stiff.  And I said, look, split your Kings.  No.  Bam.  Ace.  Everyone loses.
My second career was as a professional Magician.  Spending about 5 years touring around mostly North America and on cruise ships.  That was a blast.  Here is where I learned a ton about human observation and persuasion.  The ability to move a person’s attention and thought pattern is astounding.  I learned about stagecraft, tonality of the voice, speaking patterns and body language.  In context to this interview, it mostly taught me about crowd mentality, a key advantage for the Bookie.  It was also the first time I experienced self creation.  Having just moved to Vancouver and having only been a birthday party magician to that point, I stood at the cruise ship dock and thought, boy, I want, no desire to work on a ship.  What fun.  Two weeks later,a  call from an agent, and the following week, I’m in the Caribbean.  Crazy.
During all this time I was also into marketing and advertising and would go on to work with many clients influencing the behaviour of the public to buy their stuff.  Great fun too.  Despite all the success in wagering, I still run my own business in the advertising world and we focus mostly on car dealers, helping them harness the power of persuasion on the web.
I have been sports betting for a long time now, but only in the last couple of years saw how it could actually be a career.  With the changes in Books online and Z Code, it’s really coming together.  Victor will love this one.  How did I get so hooked on parlays?  Last year, I won $48,000 on a 6 game $5000 play.  Yahooooo.   Then the next night, I laid it all to win $100,000 on two games.  The first wins easily and my boys, Minnesota are leading KC by 1 in the top of the ninth.  2 out, full count…KC up…single.  Okay, no big deal.  Next batter.  2 strikes, 3 balls…home run.  Just over the fence and I mean just over the fence 2 inches beyond the glove.  Okay, still got a chance.   Minnesota.  1 out…runners on first and third.  Suicide play.  Out at home and out at first.  Nothing is ours.  It’s all on loan.  I bet the line tool called for KC that night, but it wasn’t invented yet.

Just one photo, in my ever cryptic way. There is just so much abundance in this world, you just have to open your mind. We don't see with our eyes

> 1. You often talk about the concept of “Win with the bookie” instead
> of “Beat the bookie”. Please explain it

It’s impossible to beat something that is faster, smarter and way more informed than you are.  It’s like taking on Tiger Woods in a game of golf.  I’m a big fan of artificial intelligence development and there is no question that games are being processed this way.  Simple example. We all use Google everyday.  It’s knows more than I do.  In fact, Google learns about ME everyday.  You can even create your spider bot that IS you that can surf the web all day so when you get home, everything you would have surfed for has been filtered and prepared for your consumption.  Artificial intelligence is here and it’s getting more powerful everyday.  You can’t beat it.  You must play with it.  I am not a Star Trek fan, but yes, we are becoming the Borg.  And as the age old wisdom goes, if you can’t beat em, join em. My game is learn why the Intelligence we call the Bookie is doing something like moving the line, and then not try to beat it, but make the same play.  And beat is such a negative thought pattern.  Join is much more fun.  And if you want to get woo woo, ultimately, the universe is better served with friendship not foe.

> 2. Return to the Mean.. Lets speak more about it. Best vs Worst and
> the worse takes two of 3. Casual gamblers are confused. Vegas is
> raking in profits. What happened?
> How come 44-25 team is taken over by a 21-47 team so easily?

In physics, they talk about water and equilibrium.  In super simple terms, water is always seeking to rest and pool.  It’s the natural order of life.  Sports are no different.  The talent of the team, the coaching ability, the ownership, the ballpark…all these elements affect a team’s potential performance.  There too is natural order.  A team can only be as good as it is capable of being at any moment in time.  We live in a mathematical universe.  It’s all numbers.  And when these numbers are crunched in the higher sense, there is an absolute answer.  A good team will only win so many games.  Same with a bad team.  When the good team is ahead of it’s curve, that being it’s end result and a bad team is behind the curve, and these two teams meet, watch out.  The water wants to pool.  I much prefer to see two so called “bad” teams with equal records play each other.  Although, Miami is proving to be very profitable this month.  Good teams will not win as many games as YOU think.  And bad teams won’t lose as many either.
And this whole idea of bad.  I spoke of this before.  Millions…millions of kids dream of playing in the Show.  How many get there?  They are all GOOD, no, they are GREAT players.  All of them.  On any given night any team can win if the situation is right.

> 3. Tell us more about your concept of betting “To win $500″ on the
> day. I know most people don’t understand it yet. What is the
> difference to normal “unit betting” and how come you can win by
> winning just 10% of your bets??

Because I use the 2 game parlay, I effectively kill the juice on a favourite.  So I can bet less to win more.  Units are deceiving.  A daily cash goal is much clearer.  I can say, look, I won 100 units this month.  And we hear it all the time.  But many of those unit wins were -230 or -190 etc.  Not true 1 for 1.  It’s an illusion.  I want to know what’s at stake and my exact return.  So when I say I want to win $500 tonight, after choosing my teams, I go to my sports book and determine how much I need to play to win $500.  It’s usually $280 or so.  So how many units do I need to win one $500 unit.  Way too confusing.  I need to play $280 to win $500.  Simple.  Okay, so I lose.  Now I want to recover the $280, but I want to make up the $500 I didn’t win, plus $500 for the new day.  So now I need to win $1280.  Now if I was flat betting on, say a series, and the odds dropped to -220, holy man, what do I need to risk to win that?  No way.  I can get buried fast.
The parlay keeps my wager down around $650 or so and I can tolerate the risk reward ratio.  And here’s the kicker, I don’t need to win everyday.  I just need to win once in awhile and all the wins compound.  Yes, its martingale betting.  Nothing wrong with it, if you feel confident that you can actually win a bet at all.  And the juice has been eliminated, so no premium to pay.  And because I do believe I can win a bet, often, this doesn’t scare me at all.  It’s also important to have a strong reserve, because to win money, you must not care about money.

> 4. You are usually saying ” Beware of games where the money is
> balanced. The Bookie is in the business of MAKING money, not breaking
> even. If it is trying to break even, it doesn’t care who wins. Tell us
> more about it 80/20 Split?

I’m sure there is a much more complex mathematical formula on every game that sets the balance.  80/20 is just a common setting I see.  70/30 is there too.  I watch the line too to see how money is being attracted and repelled.  I don’t believe money moves the line.  The line moves the money, or for more accuracy with the tool, moves the public.  That’s clear in my mind.  Whether it’s true or not, the mindset works.  Odds on each side will really affect the balance, but if you really look at a chart, you can see the balance act happening, or not.  I also talk a lot of the “test.”

This is a staircase pattern that suggests that the artificial intelligence is trying to find the support/resistance level.  It tells me it’s looking for the sweet spot where the money is coming or going exactly as planned.  There are games where the line on ML is favourable, but the spread is not.  Or it sits on the money.  This tells me the intelligence is not as sure as it would like to be with regards to who will win.  Then it kicks into the balance act.  It’s using far more data than I will ever see.   And it’s uncannily accurate.  The algorithms and bots you are up against are hiding the truth and they want to crush you.  It’s how they are programmed.

> 5. As we know, the vegas released the amount of public bets % but not
> the amount of $$ on the sides. How do you think public % close to the
> $$ on the sides ?

It’s all just semantics on data.  The public is also THE MARK.  They are the ultimate suckers.  Pro bettors are not fooled by money line movement.  But the public is.  So the Line Reversal Charts showing the public mood is ideal.  They are the ones that are most at risk.  They are the suckers.
The amount of cash on the table or about to hit from wise guys is the Book’s problem, not mine.  I want to know how the intelligence is playing the public.

> 6. Lets talk about different concepts. On the one hand we have
> statistical minded cappers who put everything into cracking the stats
> and thousands of trends, pitcher stats and every tiny detail. On
> another hand we have guys like you who believe that all that does not
> even matter. All we need is a line and public % to see where Vegas is
> getting its profit. What do you think is more important?

I won’t say it doesn’t matter, but I personally don’t enjoy stats or details.  The line movement reacts to all of that data anyway.  The intelligence is processing thousands of bits of information every second.  It has bots scrolling the web for stories, spins, weather, injury, whatever.  No way I can compete with that.  But I can see it in the line movement.  Cool isn’t it.  What a tool! Now that doesn’t say you shouldn’t do your homework.  If you like too, why not?  But for me, it just isn’t fun and if it isn’t fun, why bother.   I win enough games as it is.  I don’t need to win them all.

> 7. Tell us more on how you read the game ? What tools do you look at?
> What time before the game? Are you looking more on public % or late
> reversals?

For whatever reason, the more the line is separated from the money percentage level, the stronger the play.  Here’s why.  If a team has 10 Percent of the money on it…like Miami twice this weekend, and the Bookie is making it less attractive for you to bet on them, by that I mean by making the return on your dollar bet worse, what is going on?  If they thought the dog wasn’t going to win, would they want to bring money over?  Of course not.  Joe Public can’t see this.  They just think the dog should lose.  But the odds are disguised.  They still look good compared to the favourite, but greed is keeping them away.  Just not a good enough risk they say.  This is what the Bookie loves to seek and find, that greed tipping level.
The best time to make a play is 2 minutes before game time.  Unless the signal has been strong all day.  But you can see these traps coming up during the day.  Always look at the 24 hour signal.  See the big picture.  Don’t get too close.
I’m learning to look for nuances, but I would rather not have to play that game.  There are so many clear signals everyday, and all I need are two.
Once I’m sure on a bet, I look at the Z Code signal, THE TRAP SIGNAL, sweep signal, if Alpha or Delta have showed up and often the trend Oscillator too.  I’m not sure of what the exact percentage is, but I believe that the dogs win up to 40% of the time.  That means on any given day, there may be 4-6 games that are quite attractive.  If you look at the record, how many games played were dogs?  Yes, a lot.  And often the signals are extremely solid and clear on these dog games.  And always play the +1.5.  Don’t be greedy.  You will be amazed how often the dog loses by a run, but that’s as good as a win.

> 8. Day dependency is a very strong concept on MLB. Even line reversal
> expert Warwick in his system confirmed he could not beat Wednesdays.
> What do you think of the reasons for the day dependency and how you
> can fight it? There are days when everything goes logical and vegas
> even gives away some money to people and other  days when Vegas
> profits immensely. How to fight it?

When I was just starting in sales many years ago, the general sales staff would all say, oh boy, 2 weeks to Christmas.  Terrible time to make a sale.  Oh well, let’s just go visit with our chocolates and wait til the New Year.  But there was always one top dog who stayed at his desk and kept working.  And what happened?  That dog would have record sales, when you were not supposed to!  I don’t believe personally in Vegas day.  I would suggest that Warwick’s system, is just designed to beat the bookie, and it does!  It works.  But it’s not designed to play WITH THE BOOKIE.  I love these so called Vegas Days.  Cause the Bookie isn’t hiding.  You don’t fight it, you join it.

> 9. Do you believe that games are predefined (Fixed) by vegas or you
> believe that most likely vegas does not need to fix anything, they
> just know the outcome with the high probability and move people on the
> wrong side by manipulating the line?

Gambling is big business with big money.  That’s all you need to say.  Do you think the Stanley Cup will go 7 games this year?  With all the money lost with the short season and some good buddies in the play, do you think the NHL will cut the gate receipts short?
Okay, but beyond that, fixed or just knowing the result can look the same.  The Artificial Intelligence we are playing WITH, is one hell of a predictor.  Like Biff in Back to the future who got a hold of the Sports winners from the future.  The insurance industry survives because it CAN predict the future.  If you don’t believe Sports can be predicted, you are at a disadvantage already.  So the real game is trying to figure out who the Bookie has determined will win, and why it is moving the line.  What is being hidden?  It’s a wonderful puzzle.

> 10. You’ve been helping others a lot teaching your concept. Tell us
> what drives you? What is your life credo? Why are you helping others?

Well, life is life.  But’s it’s not what we think it is.  Well, yes it is.  Sorry.  We are just energy patterns and bio chemistry in the physical sense.  But what else?  This is not religious.  It’s just obvious to me.  This can’t be all there is.
I will leave this world with nothing like millions have before.  I will not take my mind, my body, my money or my boat.  I am nothing, have nothing really and will be nothing again.  So why be greedy with anything.  Knowledge for sure.  I didn’t discover the line thing.  It took an incredible series of events for the tool and me to meet.  I was walking my dogs minding my own business when the obvious hit me.  Where did that come from?  I’m not that smart.  And now 17 days into the discovery, the results cannot be disputed.  Share it.  I don’t own the knowledge.  Nothing is mine.  If you hoard anything, it will be taken away.
Let’s face it, the true star here are the people who built the tool and saw some value in it.  And along will come many people like me who will say, hey, did you know this works.  And even the makers of the tool will say, darn, that’s cool.

> 11. Your tips to the fans and followers.

Be nice.  Eat your vegetables.  And most of all, what you want for others you want for yourself.
And as far as the line thing goes, when you hear of a winner….look at the chart, really look, and ask yourself, what was happening here.  Now try and find more charts that look the same.  Once your brain is convinced it works, you will see the patterns like footprints in the sand.  But if you stop learning, the footsteps are quickly washed away.
And don’t let the “folks” fool you.  You know them, those that say, more money will not make you happy.  Maybe not, but it makes life a lot more fun!  So don’t let that limiting belief stop you.

But remember.  As it has been said and it is true, to he or she that much is given, much is expected.  And that is not a bad thing.




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