Exclusive interview with Pinnacle Sports, worlds trusted bookie!

>   Hi RH, since 1998 Pinnacle sports is taking the leading positions as one of the most trusted online bookmakers. Please tell us a few words, how it all began? How did you pass all the other bookmakers that were founded earlier?

RH – our founders, bettors themselves, took the decision to create an online bookie that focused on price, instead of bonuses. This was revolutionary at the time and turned out to be a very smart decision as it immediately made us unique.

>   Can you compare the size of the amount wagered daily on online bookies comparing to Vegas offline bookmakers? Are the high rollers trust and using Pinnacle? I know you have high limits.

RH – Yes, we are used by ‘high-rollers’. I can’t give you exact numbers or comment on offline bookmakers, because I don’t know. Our focus on value, high limits and the fact we never close winning accounts means that we are very popular, for ALL types of bettors.

>  The Pinnacle is known as the bookie that welcome winners and always pays out winnings. The common question is, if everyone wins, who are the losers then?

RH – not everyone wins, that is not what we say. We do welcome winning bettors and yes, we are well known for having some of the fastest payouts online. We use players that we know to be winners to help us sharpen our markets, this helps our players get the best odds, and helps us avoid losing money.

> The most common issue our clients are struggling with is finding a reliable US friendly online bookmaker. Pinnacle made a tough choice not accepting them, do you see the rules and regulations change anytime in future? I heard new gambling laws are being passed in US these days. Is there any hope?

RH – I believe that yes, there will be online betting allowed in the US one day. However, the law will probably be different from state to state and I expect the tax to be quite high. The old days of American bettors being able to bet at good value looks very unlikely, which is a real shame.

>  After the line is created do you move it yourself based on the market situation or try to keep it in agreement with other vegas casinos?

RH – as we don’t do any business in the US, we pay very little attention to Vegas and the market there is not important to us. We always move our lines based on the bets we take.


> 9. When the public is split un-evenly on the sides of the game, do you try to move the line making it equal 50-50?

RH – we always try and balance the line, no matter what the ‘public’ think

>  You tips to the sports bettors and words of wisdom. After all , is winning possible?

RH – every bettor, from the largest to the smallest, needs to ensure that they are getting the best price available. This is so important as the difference in winnings over a season betting with a 2% bookie (Pinnacle Sports) vs. a 10-15% bookie (Bwin, Ladbrokes, Bet365 etc) can be huge and impact on a bettors profitability. If you want to make money at sports betting, do your research, look at the statistics and always get the best price you can.


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