ESoccer: It is time to bet on the hottest trend in the world’s favorite game

Visit your favorite online sportsbook and there is a good chance one of the few sports being offered to wager on right now is esoccer. Since the world’s top soccer leagues went on hiatus due to COVID-19, esoccer has been offered by leading sportsbooks including Bet365, William Hill, and others like never before. 

So, what is esoccer and is it worth my time to wager on it?

Esoccer is one of the fastest-growing esports being played right now. One of the best aspects about it and why it appeals to bettors is it isn’t a role-playing game. Esoccer is just a  ... 

Esports: Get to know your new betting friend

Esports is the rising star in the sports betting industry. Experts believe that esports will become the main betting event amongst sports bettors in the next 20 years.

With traditional sports on hiatus, esports have the opportunity to be huge. The question is will traditional sports fans actually tune into, follow, and bet on esports?

Here is why bettors of traditional sports should consider esports betting.

Hands down, esports are going to be the biggest thing in sports betting over the next six months. Remember, all of your favorite sports that you typically bet on are suspended at the  ... 


The SuperNova lan is a Tier 1 event set to take place from the 29th of November until the 2nd of December in Malta. The event will feature 8 teams from all over the world and will have a total prize pool of $150,000.

Teams will be divided to two groups with Group A featuring teams such as Team Liquid, NRG ESports, Team Kinguin and Virtus.Pro.

Meanwhile on B you will see teams such as HellRaisers, BIG, Gambit and Tyloo.



Just as we may have experienced a draught in the past few days when it comes to eSports, the energy was being saved for the upcoming tournaments. One of the bigger ones being the ECS Finals.

ECS is Faceit’s main premier league organised in partnership with YouTube, currently featuring their 6th season which takes place over the span of 9 months. American fans can consider themselves spoilt with choice when it comes to CS.GO events in the last few months as ECS Season 6 will take place inside the brand new ESports Arena in Arlington, Texas. Matches will be played  ... 

The NEXT BIG THING and how you can make serious money betting Esports

Today we discuss the NEXT BIG THING... And before I mention what it is, let me tell you some facts.. The current prize pool is over $18 million which is bigger than Wimbledon or The Masters and the viewership is bigger than Stanley Cup finals..

A professional statistic analyst company has predicted that this sport will have more viewers than Super Bowl Final by 2020. (Over 111million viewers guys). This is now on the ESPN and all over the world and if you are still missing out, you are going to miss serious profits that can be made betting this  ...