Amazing picks been made and bombs hit the target again! All active contenders in round 9 generated 1700$ of profit! This contest edition is so tough. I am sure there will be beaten biggest bankroll all-time record in the end of the contest! We have now two guys ahead in the rank with solid advantage then we have Jiong in the middle and behind them there is big pursuit group… Worth to note that some guys in this group are still very well armed. Their nukes and bombs may be decisive in the last rounds of the contest! Keep it up folks! :-)

1 Billyboy(billy.willis1) +1 – last bomb added 400$ of profit to the Billy’s bankroll and it gives contest leader spot again for Billy. Things are much easier when you lock with profit bomb after bomb! Billy won with all explosives 1386$ of profit! It easily covered all 1 unit picks losses and overall Billy is the owner of magical bankroll $11 356!

2 Nelzon Munts(nflranders) +1 – man of the round 9! Three rounds in sleeping mode was enough and Nelzon decided to fire his main weapon. It paid off so well! 450$ of profit in just one round ranks him as the main favorite in the contest. Just like Billy, Nelzon also squeezed bombs to maximum gaining with them 1342$ of profit overall.

3 Jiong(snowman1818) -2 – Jiong could not fend off the frenzied attack from Billyboy and Nelzon Munts, but his consistency is impressive and Jiong still may win this contest. Guys above him play with higher risk while Jiong plays more conservative and already have built one of the best winning streak in the contest. It may be very interesting run in the last 3 rounds with 1 unit picks till the end.

4 Ginger(giantsfan209209) +5 – huge tactical maneuver from Ginger in the round 9! He dropped low odds plays and placed heavy bet @ 2.85. Awesome move considering there is a lot of guys close just behind him!

5 Bails(bilreg2828) +2 – Bails recovered immediately after loss in round 8 and he is the first guy in the top of the rank with a 3 unit bet in the arsenal. Assuming odds around his favorite range, possible nuke win may put Bails just behind leaders!

6 Murray(knightmoved) +5 – Murray goes up round after round with 4 wins in a row currently. 3 bombs are already locked, but there is still nuke to launch!

7 Anssi(anssi.t.toivonen) -2 – no luck for our Fin friend this time, but he has still excellent position to prepare decisive attack. 3 picks to go and 2 bombs and 1 nuke to use. There will be a lot of fun for Anssi till the end of this contest!

8 Desder(desder) -4 – damn bad luck caught up Desder in last rounds. Time to refresh mind and put things in the right track. 4th place is in only 1 bet range so it is time reverse the fortune!

9 Karel(debaras666) +6 – Karel after amazing start in the contest disappeared from top ten lately, but now he is back in the perfect time!

Top 15 contenders in rounds 7 – 9

1 Billyboy(billy.willis1) $720 100
2 Ostap Alosyar(yavorski_ostap) $694 90
3 Murray(knightmoved) $503 80
4 Victor(victor_perez_twenty) $455 70
5 Perttu(minna.sinerv) $425 60
6 Logan(kevhao1) $360 55
7 Nelzon Munts(nflranders) $350 50
8 Tan(tanc89) $332 45
9 Mikhail(auramedia) $295 40
10 Mcclutchen(behzad.fathi) $275 35
11 Brian(brianwitt) $273 34
12 Ginger(giantsfan209209) $259 33
13 Jiong(snowman1818) $213 32
14 Gustavo(gviesca1) $144 31
15 Jimmy(dioguardi0928) $143 30

Points ranking after 3 stages – top 15 contenders

1 Billyboy(billy.willis1) 174,5
2 Nelzon Munts(nflranders) 165,0
3 Jiong(snowman1818) 144,0
4 Bails(bilreg2828) 129,0
5 Murray(knightmoved) 103,0
6 Desder(desder) 101,0
7 Robert(robivoncin) 100,0
8 Anssi(anssi.t.toivonen) 93,5
9 Ostap Alosyar(yavorski_ostap) 90,0
10 Karel(debaras666) 90,0
11 Money-maker(wahid) 90,0
12 Ginger(giantsfan209209) 88,0
13 Damon(unclereems) 88,0
14 Ravichandran(ravi06) 77,0
15 Tea(tkeluc) 76,0

Longest streak rank – 3 guys in the race

Still three contenders in the race here. All of them are simply best of the best. Master Gergely has everything in his own hands being a leader, but Jiong and Ginger have also excellent and active streaks and still have chance to catch and beat the leader. Both of them are also in the top 5 contenders in main competition so even 3rd place here may give the prize!

Gergely(geri.rulett) 9 wins in a row
Jiong(snowman1818) 8 wins in a row
Ginger(giantsfan209209) 7 wins in a row


Read the rules and join! Everybody is IN!

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$200 USD
+ 30% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King Silver Prize – 3rd place
$150 USD
+ 20% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King Bronze Prize – 4th place
$100 USD
+ 10% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King – 5th place
$50 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

Special Prize – Points classification
$100 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

Special Prize – Longest winning streak
$100 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

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