CASH CHAMPIONSHIP – MLB KING 2019 – ROUND 9 RECAP – S(manchesterunitedro***) TAKES IT ALL

The contest is not over yet, there is still one more round to go, but Mr. Dominator already secured MLB King title after one of the most convincing victories in Zcode contests history! After an amazing run, full of perfectly prepared picks and tactical moves S(manchesterunitedro***) reached $13 690 in the bankroll. It is almost 37 units made, by just one player in 9 rounds! CONGRATULATIONS S(manchesterunitedro***)! Fantastic play and well deserved win!

All right! Celebration time will come after round 10 in the contest because there is still tight battle for other prizes in the contest. Just to remind you, there are 4 places paid in the main rank and special prize for the best winning streak. Mathematically there are still 33 players who may end up on paid places, so let’s see who still is in the play and has the biggest chance to grab some cash!

Best of the best in round 9 is Edge(ewilk1***) who significantly improved his situation after he added to the bankroll $591. It moves Edge(ewilk1***) by 3 places directly on 3rd location just behind Savo(sazkyzat***). Outstanding result Edge(ewilk1***), just on time!

Peter(petek***), Mikki(m.p.ka***) and Jemia 2sharp2basquare(normanje***)fired big in round 9 winning $435, $350 and $253 which were accordingly 2nd, 3rd and 4th results in round 9. Their bankrolls are not the biggest at the moment, but with some luck, they can still sneak in and steal paid place on the finish line. Maybe it will be underdogs time in round 10? Who knows!? Well played and good luck!

Favorites to get a prize like Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***), Aistis(aistis***) and Miguel(richardpedroza***) remained a little bit in hiding in round 9. They made 1-2 units of profit each, preparing spots for a final push and waiting for other guys moves. Let’s see if they split prizes between themselves or somebody from behind will jump over unexpectedly. Seems we will have a lot of fun this weekend watching the decisive moments. Good luck to ALL contenders!

Please take a look below on the top players in round 9 and be ready for the last round! Start on Friday!


1 Edge(ewilk1***) $591

2 Peter(petek***) $435

3 Mikki(m.p.ka***) $350

4 Jemia 2sharp2basquare(normanje***) $253

5 E(thegr8rone25***) $243

6 S(manchesterunitedro***) $240

7 Daryl(phantom***) $200

8 Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) $186

9 Miguel(richardpedroza***) $150

10 Kyle(kylen***) $138


1 S(manchesterunitedro***) 0

2 Savo(sazkyzat***) 0

3 Edge(ewilk1***) 3
4 Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) -1

5 Aistis(aistis***) 0

6 Miguel(richardpedroza***) 3

7 Uwe(hammermuel***) -3

8 Kyle(kylen***) 3

9 E(thegr8rone25***) 5

10 Jm(jose64mac***) -2


King of MLB 2019

1st place $400

2nd place $300

3rd place $200

4th place $100

Special prize – most profitable winning streak $150


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