1st place $400 – S(manchesterunitedro***)

S(manchesterunitedro***) nails it again in round 10, takes King of MLB title and wins $400 contest main prize! Probably after the biggest domination in the Zcode contests history! Five perfect rounds with $900 profit each, 3 rounds with smaller gains and only 1 negative round! AMAZING! All it combined gives bankroll $14 590 and 25 units advantage over the 2nd player in the rank! Unbelievable! I have not seen anything like that before. Nobody deserved this victory than S(manchesterunitedro***) aka King of MLB! Congratulations!

2nd place $300 – Savo(sazkyzat***)

Savo(sazkyzat***) takes second place after a big drama in the final round! He was in serious troubles after the first bet on Milwaukee Brewers, but bounced back in a big style with a second selection on Detroit Tigers which was enough to stay with $126 over next player! This is exactly how Savo(sazkyzat***) played in the last couple of rounds. Keep the situation under control with limited risk, it was his motto weekend after weekend. It paid off excellently and gave, in the end, $11 938 in the bank and well-deserved prize. $300 goes to Savo(sazkyzat***)! Congratulations!

3rd place $200 – Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***)

famous British Bulldog takes 3rd place in the rank and $200 contest prize! I have a feeling that Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) was aiming to a special prize for most profitable longest streak, but when the opportunity to take the prize in the main contest came he did not hesitate even for a moment. Like always Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) shows that there is no one good tactic to compete in the contest and small steady profit round by round also do an extremely good job and allow to compete against high odds risky picks. Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) finished the contest with $11 812 in the bank and again ends contest among the best players. Congratulations!

4th place $100 – Kyle(kylen***)

Kyle(kylen***) made the biggest charge in round 10 and grabs the prize in a big style! The perfect sweep gives $900 and moves Kyle(kylen***) 4 positions up directly to pay spot. Seven rounds with a positive result and only 3 negative gives great result overall and $11 779 in the contest bankroll. Small cool down in rounds 5 and 6 cost Kyle(kylen***) a better place, but still big congratulations for being one of the brightest characters in this contest editions. Huge involvement and consistency give Kyle(kylen***) well-deserved prize. Well done!

Special prize $150 – Uwe(hammermuel***)

Obviously, Uwe(hammermuel***) can boast second biggest most profitable streak and number one is S(manchesterunitedro***), but since contest winner takes the bigger prize, the special one goes Uwe(hammermuel***) who made $1 500 with 6 six consecutive wins in rounds from 3 to 6. Competition in this rank was pretty tight, there are 12 contenders with streaks between $1000 and $1500. Great job guys and congrats to Uwe(hammermuel***) who definitely was very dedicated to the contest!


1 S(manchesterunitedro***) 0 $14 590
2 Savo(sazkyzat***) 0 $11 938
3 Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) +1 $11 812
4 Kyle(kylen***) +4 $11 779

5 Edge(ewilk1***) -2 $11 655
6 Michael(chrnybu***) +6 $11 574
7 E(thegr8rone25***) +2 $11 314
8 Aistis(aistis***) -3 $11 214
9 Uwe(hammermuel***) -2 $11 119
10 Jm(jose64mac***) 0 $10 899
11 Daryl(phantom***) 2 $10 834
12 Stuart(stuarnfi***) -1 $10 711
13 Dano(eck0***) +14 $10 604
14 Jason(smitty.0***) 0 $10 585
15 Gergely(geri.rulett) 0 $10 524
16 Miguel(richardpedroza***) -10 $10 504
17 Kobby(otcherebaff***) 0 $10 492
18 Stepans(step***) 0 $10 450
19 Bobby(c***) 0 $10 436
20 Philhouse(philhy***) +11 $10 354


King of MLB 2019

1st place $400

2nd place $300

3rd place $200

4th place $100

Special prize – most profitable winning streak $150


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