Zcode Promo Expert Soccer Picks and Selections. Winning verified picks.

Zcode Promo Expert Soccer Picks and Selections. Winning verified picks.

Are you ready for a profitable betting season on soccer?  Zcode VIP club has several professional soccer experts: Dominice, Rob, Bails and Jens. To spread the word about soccer we opened a promo facebook page with promo soccer picks. Major European leagues are all covered: English, Scottish, Serie A Italy, Spain and Germany, south america and other worldwide leagues.:

Promo Soccer picks are provided by Tips Galore: verified winning sports capper that we got in agreement with to help you win on soccer!

Past results Soccer: 73 – 51, +$6,272

Q: When do Promo picks come out and what leagues do they cover.

Tips Galore says “Currently I tip all year round. I specialise in the Major European leagues such as EPL (eng), SPL (scotland), Serie A (italy), BBVA (spain). I also make plays from south america and other worldwide leagues. I have a vast knowledge of world football and it is my full time job making plays on matches and watchin matches

around the clock building stats and always looking to improve.

My ROI is currently 25.15%. Top of the site. I generally have a minimum of 3 plays per day. Mostly 3-5 plays most days. Weekends are when I make most plays. There can and will be days I have no plays as I do not post plays I do not place bets on myself and refuse to post plays for the sake of posting.

My plays created either the night before or the morning of the match.”

Promo Zcode Soccer page: http://www.facebook.com/ZcodeSoccerPicks

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