You are doing a great job Jake

You are doing a great job Jake. Keep up the work.

But if you decide to change what systems are you having running ?
Tennis live 100u
Tennis pods 100u
Esports 100u
Something else ?

Post it here as I seem not to be able to post on wall through my phone

Hi Jim, thank you for your positivity despite dark days. As you know I also run tennis flat betting as well as the eSports system, live betting tennis is my most stable system and always will be. I will be announcing intensive sessions every week over the next weeks to make sure we still have a fantastic season.

You guys know that we were all in this together, I lost money on the pre game system just as much as you did and it’s disappointing but it only motivates me to work harder.

All of the mentioned systems are 100 unit based and you can follow them at any time. ESports has made over 70 units this season winning last 7 pods in a row, live betting is very stable and flat betting is slow and steady making little profit but consistent.


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