Yieldnodes update – 252% Profit with masternoding

Welcome back guys to our zcode podcast!
2 years ago we found an amazing masternoding program called  Yieldnodes that allows you to generate impressive monthly returns. i know  many of you are looking to diversify the portfolio between sports investing, stocks and crypto.
and I know many of you sent us a lot of questions about where to invest in crypto and that’s why i wanted you to update on what’s happening with Yieldnodes program since our update last year.
If you remember we did an interview with Steve, the CEO of  Yieldnodes, one of the most interesting and promising crypto programs.
Check Yieldnodes here 👉 https://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes

If missed the interview, Yieldnodes is a promising crypto investment program that is based on Masternoding which is NOT trading, ponzi scheme or mining, so loss of capital is highly unlikely. Of course nobody can guarantee the future and you need to understand all the risks in this unregulated industry but so far the returns were pretty steady, and if you check the website it generated between 10 to 13% each month. The best part it is not tied to the growth of bitcoin and if you worry about a huge bitcoin volatility lately, Yieldnodes can offset the risks and help to grow the capital no matter if bitcoin rising or going down again.

Check Yieldnodes here 👉 https://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes

Since our last video where Yieldnodes was mostly based on SAPPHIRE coin masternoding – we can see the team was very active behind the scene and grew the network and the community, taking over and growing several promising projects such as Decentralized Exchange HELIOBANK and Birake, TRITTIUM Masternode hosting , VAULTWATCH directory,
new coins such as 777 JACKPOT, ULTRA CLEAR, Peony and AEZORA coin. All these projects together come under the new Decenomy brand which keeps on growing and expanding

 This is really promising and shows the growth of the project in real time.
Not many believed this program can last that long, but it keeps going and growing..
Take a look, the 25 months performance is very consistent with an average of 10.1% per month and the total profit of astonishing 252%
Now let me quickly update you on our account and its progress. As you can see our current MasterNoded balance is € 175240.09 and the total ROI € 120907.89
and we generated 8.3% in April 2022 We are also on a way to another  7.4% profit this March! Looks really good so far!
We’ll keep you updated with our progress, and if you would like to join Yieldnodes I will put the link down below in the description.
Yieldnodes now allows you withdraw profits not only in bitcoin but also in Sapphire coin and USDT! If you don’t know Sapphire coin is the main coin of this project and allows you do your own masternoding using services like
crypos.io or ihostmn.com where you can either make your own master node or use the shared masternoding with impressive 2 and 3 digit returns on popular coins from decenomy!
That’s all for today’s update, and if you want to check Yieldnodes yourself, check the link  here 👉 https://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes

Check Yieldnodes here 👉 https://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes


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