Yieldnodes – New Profit Credited

Yieldnodes – New Profit Credited 👍

Noding has been very good over the past month (despite the stagnating / declining price of Bitcoin), so we are happy to report earnings of 12.7% for April.

Ethereum is showing good staying power plus lots of strength, which paves the way for POS protocols.

The marketcap of masternodes has reached over 11 Billion according to one of the biggest masternode resources yet when we started YieldNodes in October 2019 it was “a mere 500 million”.

Our balance grew to $39,337

This is great news, as the model keeps growing and proves the sustainability of noding in the long term as the ecosystems mature.

The main thing we wanted to get across to members is that the whole team is hard at work building something unique, so keep following the developments of YieldNodes and the coin projects!

A major part of this expansion is Decenomy PLC, which is currently in the process of being incorporated. It will hopefully be operational soon, and the umbrella under which YieldNodes will operate.

In another leap forward, the office in Malta has now been furnished and will be opening soon, so participants will then be able to visit (upon request) as well!

Learn more and join here http://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes

P.S. Ronald and Anthony reached 1million in 1.5 years using Yieldnodes from 5k original deposit (and several extra deposits)

5K into 1M fully verified story:

Learn more and join here http://zcodesystem.com/yieldnodes

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