Who Makes the Superbowl This Year?

The Superbowl is still a few months off, yet that hasn’t stopped bookies from offering early odds on it. It’s the biggest sport event in the USA and watched by billions of people around the world. As part of the futures market, this is one event millions of bettors put their money on, along with all kinds of props and live bets.

This year is no different. The latest NFL odds were out months before the season even started. Of course, they’re shifting depending on how the season goes, favoring the hot teams over the cold ones. A few names have already been picked by the majority of bettors as the main favorites, and we’ll show you the biggest ones below.

Kansas City Chiefs

No big surprises here – the Kansas City Chiefs are once again the top of the bunch when it comes to making the Superbowl. In the past 4 seasons, the Chiefs went to the Superbowl three times, winning it twice and losing once. They’ve been on a hot start of the season thanks to impressive plays by Patrick Mahomes, their superstar quarterback who’s also a big favorite for the MVP trophy.

No team has won back-to-back Superbowl since the Pats in 2003-2004. That’s a big feat by itself, but if anyone can do it, it’s Mahomes and co. After a slow start to the season the Chiefs have been on a roll. That roll is supposed to continue, and if it does, you can bet that the Kansas City Chiefs will be right there with the best of them.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are on level odds with the Chiefs to win this year’s Super Bowl. Although the schedule has been a bit challenging, their routing of the Jaguars shows that they mean business. After weeks of disappointing performances, Brock Purdy led the 49ers to a dominating recent run, and with Deebo Samuel back in the lineup, it could be scary hours from now on.

There’s no question about the quality of the squad. It all rides on determination and how good Purdy and Deebo will be in the remaining matches. One thing’s for sure – the 49ers will make the playoffs, and then it’s no holds barred.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been spectacular in the early stages of the season, flying high up to take the lead in NFC East. Jalen Hurts has been leading this team very well, and he’s rightfully put into MVP discussion. Of course, it’ll all depend on the fact if he can stay healthy. That knee brace for the injury that has been bothering him doesn’t look great. Sure, he’s fine now, but when the time comes, can he be in tip-top shape to compete?

Regardless, the Eagles defense should have a lot in its trunk to compete even against the best teams in the league. The team has held its ground against other favorites great so far, and that might prove essential in the long run and when the time for the Super Bowl comes.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens sit outside of the top three favorites, but considering the form Lamar Jackson’s been in, they could be a big threat. So far, he’s been dealing with an ankle injury although he recently reiterated that ‘he’s good’. Jackson has been in the MVP conversation since the beginning of the season, and if that ankle holds up, the Ravens could make a deep run.

Their odds are much longer than the other top teams on this list. In translation, bettors could put their money on the Ravens instead of the others. That loss against the Browns may hurt their chances going forward, but don’t sleep on Baltimore. It’s a quality team with a possible MVP that should be higher up this list.

Miami Dolphins

One of the dark horse NFL picks, the Dolphins have turned their fortunes this season largely thanks to Tua Tagovailoa. The Samoan has been spectacular and is widely considered one of the favorites for the MVP trophy. Of course, the Dolphins need to be better than their current runs if Tagovailoa climbs the standings.

So far, the Dolphins haven’t been great against stronger competition. There’s still time to turn things around. As current leaders in AFC East, the Miami Dolphins should make the playoffs unless they lose all their remaining games, which would be a surprise with Tagovailoa’s form.

Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott has had a fine season so far, and is the driving force behind the Cowboys’ success. He had 4 touchdowns and 404 passing yards in the win against the New York Giants, Dallas’ second win against the same team this season. However, the Cowboys have not been riding well against top teams, so there’s work to be done before they can be put in Super Bowl consideration.

Not that the team lacks quality. It does have a lot of depth, and with Prescott’s great play from the beginning of the season. It remains to be seen how the Cowboys fare until the end of the regular season, as things aren’t going to plans right now.

Detroit Lions

Not many people believe that the Lions can make the Super Bowl or win it, which is reflected in their odds. But, they opened the season as favorites in their division and beat the Chiefs on opening day which was a big surprise. Detroit’s offense has been incredible this season, with Jared Goff leading the charge.

We’re eager to see if the Lions have what it takes for the next step. They should dominate other favorites in order to be taken as a serious pick.

Cincinnati Bengals

Here’s one of the dark horse Super Bowl favorites this year – the Bengals. Their starting QB Joe Burrow may be among the top MVP candidates, but he’s been struggling with a calf injury that resulted in a rough start to the season. As Burrow got better, so did the Bengals. It will take a lot of work for the team to make the playoffs and fight for the Super Bowl, but if you believe it’s a year of surprises, pick the Bengals yourself.

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