WALL 2.0 is coming soon + new notifications system.

Quick Update – I am very excited as we are 2 weeks away from our epic release of the WALL 2.0.
Aside of all the awesome new features that it will include, there is a new Notifications system being developed.

Here is a sneak peek


The notification system will work similar to one you have on Facebook and other social media…

It will finally help you organize Zcode experience into a easy-to-access window of notifications.

:?: Someone you follow posted a forum picks?

:?: Someone replied to your thread?

:?: Someone asked you a question?

:?: An expert you follow posted a pick?

:?: An automated system you follow posted a new selection?

Finally everything will be in one place, updated in real time at your finger tips!

I am very excited about this update.. Stay tuned



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