UEFA Nations League Betting: What is it? Why should you bet on the tournament?

The UEFA Nations League kicks off this weekend and it is the perfect big-time international soccer tournament for fans to wager on. For any soccer bettors missing the big match feel of the World Cup, the UEFA Nations League should be the remedy.

The tournament’s first round of matches kicks off with World Cup winners France traveling to Germany (the match ended nil-nil on Thursday night) and continues until Tuesday, September 11. Players will return to their club teams after that point.


So, what is the UEFA Nations League and why should you be betting on the tournament?

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League was conceived as a way to add more competitive international fixtures into the soccer calendar. Although the yearly calendar is packed with games already, UEFA wanted to add further competition to help the development of players, nations, and coaches. It will also add further money to UEFA’s bulging bank account.

The tournament’s format

The tournament’s format resembles soccer leagues around the world, but it has a few twists. The entire tournament will be made up of UEFA’s 55 European national teams. The teams are then separated into four Leagues (A, B, C, and D). Teams are further grouped inside each league. For example, League A has Group 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each group contains three teams.

The three teams in Group A will play each other in pool play home and away. The team with the most points from their matches will advance to the League A playoffs against the top sides in the other groups. Meanwhile, the third-place team in each group will be relegated to League B. The second-place finisher will remain in League 1.

The teams that play in the playoffs will compete in June 2019 in a knockout tournament to establish the Nations League champion.

Group B, C, and D group winners will not compete in the Nations League playoffs. Those teams who top their groups will be promoted to the League above them. In essence, the UEFA Nations League will resemble a domestic club soccer league.

Why should you bet on the UEFA Nations League?

The competition for the Nations League will be high. Teams who featured in the World Cup will field the same or many of the same players they did at the tournament. Each nation will take the Nations League serious as well. The tournament has a prize pool of more than $78 million, which will be plenty of incentive for teams to win.

European soccer tournaments like the European Championship are often said to be more difficult for teams to win than the World Cup. The excitement and ability for many of the top teams to beat the other makes the European Championship unpredictable. Who would have expected Portugal win the European Championship in 2016 when the tournament kicked off? Few!

Therefore, the UEFA Nations League will provide fans and bettors with plenty of great action. The tournament will run until next June, so bettors will have plenty of games to wager on.


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