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  1. Amazing!! No matter what i follow all won yesterday!! my head goes crazy lol. but we must stay focused and not give back all the profits to bookies and not overbet nfl too much! i will go conservative and withdraw some profits from yesterday, $300 usd.
  2. I'm new to this, joined few days ago and spent whole night reading forums, could not stop. so much value and you seem like a nice banch of people, i already making plans what to follow, reading experts!! very excited!!
  3. Wow! I have been having the worst luck lately..but tonight I made all of the losses back plus a little extra. Between my picks and zcode picks I went for a gain of 9 units! Wish I could just do that every night!
  4. i thought its a SCAM first but seems works ok , after i joined i am bettign $10 bets and up $140 already not bad so far thx
  5. Really does it get any better ????? THX to all you experts sharing picks in this forum so many greate minds come together and greate things happens..
  6. +$654 for A-league PODers! My Kings've finally started to play some hockey! That was only the lonely bet for me last night. So we coud say I went 100% haha
  7. haha , i am fully in now!! i invested enough money now to get a nice longterm income here!! i love everybody who helps us with his picks to get our own strategie!! it was great luck for me to come here! lets rock the worl of betting!! ;-)
  8. Mon Tie - Won Ducks Tie - Won Sharks Tie - Lost Preds Tie - Won Preds ML - Won Preds TTO2.5 - Won Mon +1 - Push Ducks +1 - Push Mon U5.5 - Won 6-1 and 2 push. Very pleased with that and couldn't have done it without you all.
  9. Oh boy, we are unstoppable!!! Stamos won again! Thank you everyone! Well done on preds zcodesystem and Mark on sharks!
  10. Good day for me :) MON Canadiens @ BUF Sabres UNDER 5.5 WON NAS Predators +1.0 WON (thx ZCODE!) Nashville Predators ML WON (thx ZCODE!) Nashville Predators - X in reg WON (Mike, thx you very much!) Colorado ML WON (thx Steve!) Colorado over 2,5 WON (thx Steve!) Thx you ZCODE and all community, i l
  11. I did not 't know much about sports, I was a stock trader.. I assigned each team as a stock. or currency. and I monitor them like stock. Hope it helps. Helped me a lot to start winning on sport where I don't even know the rules!
  12. i follow zcode since early facebook times and it has been nothing but good and helpful experience for me. guys are very helpful and try to explain how you can not just blindly follow but also understand the transparent system based on statistics.
  13. Woooow! Agree, this community is heading into the right direction! So many great guys here doing an excellent work! Clap, clap, bravo ZCode and ZCoders!
  14. nice win this night. i was 7-0 and had my first higher win!! thanks so much!!! lets go on and rock the betting market!! ;-)
  15. Hi folks. Figured I'd post something so I can win an Ipad. ;) I haven't posted before and generally just lurk, but I thought I'd add my voice to those saying how impressive this site is, and how nice it is to see such a supportive group of people here. I've been doing very well following the hot t
  16. Well, what I am learning from this POD tournament is that it is possible to earn decent and consistent profits long term from sports wagering, it can be done right from the comfort of your workstation. Anyways, congratulations to all participants, organizers, winners and everyone who benefited from

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