Hey followers, we’re down -61.84 units on this 200 unit bankroll system, so initially it would be half of that on a 100 unit system. It’s not the end of the world however unlike the last season, tennis has been awfully unpredictable lately.

I’ve decided to keep rolling, you guys have been fantastic with support and all I can do is apologise to you for the poor performance. I will however reduce the amount of plays per day and only stick to 1 up to 3 plays per day – I will tend to stick to 1 POD when I see an opportunity to jump in and these will be very safe plays – I won’t be seeking value in big underdogs for the time being – we used to hit big matches with over 5.0 odds before but for that we need a bankroll, which at the moment we need to recover.

This is my little transparency.

Let’s continue and stop the rot!


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