Super Bowl XLIX Pick: Seattle Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl, Patriots Fall Short

Super Bowl XLIX Prediction – NFL Picks: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots 

Im on the Seattle Seahawks here. I find it ironic that the team that broke my Super Bowl win streak with Z-Code now garners my support, but I think they’rethe better team. It kind of pains me to say it, but if there’s a team I dislike more than Seattle it’s probably the New England Patriots and their ball-deflating, videotaping, nonsense dynasty. This Super Bowl is going to be great and terrible at the same time in that regard; Two awesome teams that I hate.

I think the blowout by the Pats against the Colts inflated the line and has the public expecting the Patriots to be dominant offensively. That said, Tom Brady has been very sloppy on the road this season and the Seahawks have a hell of a defense. They’re happy to be here after that onside kick nonsense against Green Bay and they’re very dangerous. The offense is tough to stop because they can pound away and have a mobile quarterback. More importantly, I don’t think New England is physical enough – though they do have the secondary to slow down mediocre receivers. I just don’t think the Pats are this good overall and a pick ‘em line is insulting to the defending champs.

0-3 in Arizona is on its way. I’m on the Seahawks to make that happen… but how much I end up placing on this game ultimately will depend on the public money falling in and the line movement… I don’t expect a big movement with this line, but I do want to be on the proper side of the biggest public money game of the year.

Seahawks 27 – Patriots 21Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.08.10 AM


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