Omega, the king of mojo, explains his exceptional new investment strategies and 2015 NHL playoffs insights


In this new episode, Omega is back – ready to share his newest strategies:
 “to win the 1st period”, RLS2, etc. Including: the most determinant stats  and backtesting results.

  •  How to take advantage of live odds to win each period over pre-game bets.
  •  Which are the magical odds? Why do they work? And their impressive 90% effectiveness.
  •  The story behind each game: what does he look for in soccer plays for 1st
  •  team to score?
  • In soccer, Why are games under 23, 20, and 19 so profitable?
  •  Also, Omega explains how to not get overwhelmed with data; how to separate
  •  the wheat from the chaff.
  •  Learn to be disciplined and get over bad streaks.
  •  You’re not alone! The support from experts who are masters with data,
  •  numbers, and money management.
  •  ‘Who is on’ in these NHL playoffs: real contenders and dark horses.
  • MLB candidates for this season.
  •  The main advantage that sports investment offers over gold, oil, or stock
  • investments.
  • Always stay focused! Family and health are your rock.

This podcast is a must for any sports investor!

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