Interview with Bear, Basketball Master, Creator of Ride or Die system


In this episode we have a basketball superstar – a man who has produced big profits with NBA and NCAAB. In 4 months, his Bear Cave system has made over 130 units just with NBA and a lot more courtesy of the legendary “Ride or die” on Saturdays. Among other things, this episode will feature:
• The peculiar story behind his beginning as sports investor.
• Get an outstanding advantage: tips from a global community that shares insights and expertise.
• The importance of travel, back to back, player fatigue, and other factors when you’re choosing a side.
• Ride or die: how to take advantage of bookies and lines on College BB.
• Line reversals: the key tool.
• The new gems from college basketball.
• Cool ideas for the dunk contest!
• MVP candidates.
• The possible changes to the NBA schedule.
• The new and exciting MLB Underdog system: its main parameters and predictions.
• His high volume approach to Basketball and MLB.
• Simple and effective advice: discipline and paper betting.
And more great stuff straight from the Bear Cave!

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