Mark and MLB 2014 part 2 picks and predictions. Secrets of winning on the ABC MLB system.

Sports Betting Podcast by Zcode
Sports Betting Podcast by Zcode
Mark and MLB 2014 part 2 picks and predictions. Secrets of winning on the ABC MLB system.

For those who are new to our show,
please listen to episode 8 to learn more about Mark, his background,
and his system. Our first interview was mostly devoted to NHL, but now
we are in the midst of the MLB baseball season and it’s a great time to be
talking more about the second half of MLB and how to maximize the profits
from baseball.

In this episode:
+ Lets jump straight into action. We are in the middle of the MLB season
and it’s a good time to discuss your MLB ABC system. Please tell us
more about how it works? What is ABC, for those who are new to betting
+ What are the main filters that you use when selecting a team for progression?
+ Some people say ABC progressions are too risky and avoid them, but
you made a lot of profit using your selective approach. How do you
stay so selective and avoid overbetting with your progressions, with so
many games to choose from every day?
+ What are the main pitfalls for those who do ABC progressions?
+ Tell us more about the so-called AB mini doubler. What does it mean
and how does it work?
+ The first half of this MLB season was pretty tough for many cappers
who were burned by so many unexpected sweeps. But not you. Tell us
more about how you avoided the risky series and stayed profitable?
+ What are your expectations from the second half of the MLB season?
+ Historically some teams like the Pirates start to fade in the second
half while others like Boston and the Cardinals start to surge.
Which teams do you expect to fade and which teams should get into the top 5?
+ I remember we started our podcast back at episode 1 with the MLB preview
that you wrote in Zcode. What are your biggest surprises so far? What
went according to plan? Biggest upsets?
+  Let’s get into specifics. Can you try to list teams that will make
playoffs, in your opinion, and would be surging in the second half?

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