Geoffrey, Professional Betfair Sports Trading Insights and Strategies

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Geoffrey, Professional Betfair Sports Trading Insights and Strategies

Welcome back to Zcode and another episode of our show! It is getting
better and better and each time we have more and more guests that come
here to share their insights and their knowledge with you, to help you
win on sports betting.
You know like Zig Ziglar once said, “Some of us learn from other
people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.”  I love
this quote, it’s very applicable to sports investing. 🙂
Let’s greet our new guest, Geoffrey, who is about to share with you his
experience on sports investing and how you can become successful too.
Geoffrey is one of the most inspiring sports investors around, using his
knowledge, the power of sports trading, and new trends in betting to
profit BIG TIME! lets hear from the man himself, Mr. Smiley Face,

In this episode
+  Lets get into your favorite part: Betfair sports trading. Please
tell us about what Betfair offers and how it’s different
to regular bookmakers?
+  Should a newbie tackle Betfair trading, or should he wait
on the sidelines until he learns how it all works? What are
the big pitfalls of Betfair trading?
+  When it comes to Betfair trading, many have also discussed the use
of bots (automated trading robots). What is your experience with them?
How easily can one make a trading robot to pick and place bets for you?
+  When developing or exploring a new idea or strategy, do you start
from your gut feeling, instinct and prior experience, or do you start
from the data and look for some angle to find a strategy that works?
Do you trust one method more than the other, or…?
+ Could you explain the ideas of greening up, hedging your plays and
dutching your plays?
+ Could you give an example on how you play the Correct Score markets
and if you use any automated software which is commonly used for Betfair?
+ What sports do you usually trade and what are the most profitable ones?
+ I know you plan to start a lot of new strategies in summer. Tell us
more about them?
+ What makes the great people great? What is the secret of success?

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