Legendary Jake, Esport Investing Bible Author. The next big thing!

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Legendary Jake, Esport Investing Bible Author. The next big thing!

Today we discuss the NEXT BIG THING… And before I mention what it
is, let me tell you some facts.. The current prize pool is over $18
million which is bigger than Wimbledon or The Masters and the
viewership is bigger than Stanley Cup finals.. A professional
statistic analyst company has predicted that this sport will have more
viewers than Super Bowl Final by 2020. (Over 111million viewers guys).
This is now on the ESPN and all over the world and if you are still
missing out, you are going to miss serious profits that can be made
betting this sport.. I bet you have guessed it by now, we are talking
about E-Sport, and if you think electronic cyber sports are not even a
sport, thing again..
And I dont care if you are a young gamer living and breathing DOTA or
someone like me who never played any computer games, trust me, this
new trend should not be taken lightly as you can make really serious
money betting E-Sports.
So today on our show we have Jake, a professional E-Sport Expert,
developer of his own successful e-sport strategy that he is sharing
for the followers inside Zcode VIP club.
He is also a author of the legendary Zcode Esports Investing Bible
that you can download here http://zcodesystem.com/bible.php

In this episode

– Why invest in the eSports?
– Best e-sports to invest.
– Seriously money from e-sports?
– e-Sports live sessions like Jake tennis live sessions?
– What is e-sports book about?
– Why e-sports are now considered like a sport?
– PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and players.
– Idea of a recovery system for betting.
– Two vital money management strategies.
– How Jake e-sports system works?
– Filters of the analysis aspect to release Jake bets.
– What makes eSports so exciting to watch?
– Further systems for eSports?
– How is Zcode helpful for invest in eSports?
– Other Zcode eSports experts.
– Fantasy eSports.
– Future fantasy eSports system?


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  1. please thanks i know is not easy doing all the good things you have been doing, but i really want to thanks as i look forward to learning esport trading from your great book thanks Great Agumagu

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