Podcast episode 8: Interview with Mark: Tips and secrets to progress from a sports investing newbie to a guru

 Interview with Mark: Tips and secrets to progress from a sports investing newbie to a guru

 Today’s Z-Code podcast features a phone interview with Mark, a legendary sports investor, writer, die-hard New Jersey Devils fan and one of the founding fathers of the Z-code community. Let’s tap into his mind to see what it takes to become a successful sports investor!

Inside you will discover:
- How the knowledge and skill required in sports writing is different from being a profitable sports investor and why most people fail even if they possess a comprehensive understanding of their sport.
- A lesson in approach: Flat betting vs ABC progressions for maximizing profits in Major League Baseball.
- Will Martin Brodeur retire? A long-time New Jersey Devils fan’s perspective and hopes for the legendary goalie.
- How to stay profitable with real tips to avoid the mistakes that blow an amateur bankroll.
- Baseball expectations and what you need to know before placing MLB bets in 2014.

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P.S. One more All Star Interview is coming up soon! Already recorded! Stay tuned!


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