NHL Predictions: Thursday, October 11

As we delve into another NHL season, take a look at some of the better match ups for Thursday, October 11. Note that all information is for games played through October 8.

Edmonton Oilers versus Boston Bruins

Edmonton has lost their only game while the Bruins are 2-1, winners of their last two. The Oilers, however, hold a +18 to +8 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and “burning hot” versus “ice cold up”.  Having the Bruins’ number, the Oilers won three of the four meetings last season. It’s too early to tell which team will be the strongest long term, but will go with the trend. Look for the Oilers to leave Boston with a victory by the narrowest margin.

Columbus Blue Jackets versus Florida Panthers

Columbus is 2-1 in the early going and the Panthers suffered an overtime loss in their only game. Columbus won all three meetings between the teams last season and holds a +10 to +3 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator. The teams are both trending middle of the pack, with Columbus at “average” and Florida at “average down” on the Team Strength Oscillator.  I see the dominance over the Panthers continuing, so the Blue Jackets should win this one by a couple of goals.

Vegas Golden Knights versus Pittsburgh Penguins

Both teams are off to a slow start. Vegas is 1-2 and has allowed 10 goals, while the Penguins have allowed 11 in a 1-1 start. Vegas holds a +21 to +15 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and “average up” versus “average status”. The teams split the two meetings last season.  Vegas will get back on track eventually, but not in this one. Pittsburgh has the advantage on home ice and will win in what should be a high scoring game.

Toronto Maple Leafs versus Detroit Red Wings

Toronto is 2-1 having scored 13 and allowed 13 goals. Detroit is looking to get into the win column, starting 0-1-2. Neither team is trending in the right direction, hovering in the “average” range on the Team Strength Oscillator. Toronto has a +18 to +13 edge on the Power Ranking Indicator and took three of the four games between the teams last season. Having scored only six goals so far, there’s not much indication that Detroit can stay with Toronto. Home ice only goes so far, and it wont be far enough for the Red Wings. Look for a Toronto win in regulation.

Calgary Flames versus St. Louis Blues

St. Louis has lost their first two, one in overtime. Calgary is 1-1 and has scored and allowed nine goals each. The Flames won the series between the teams last season, two games to one. Two more teams hovering in the middle ground, “average down” and “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator. The Flames hold a decided +12 to +1 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator, giving me little to believe the Blues have a chance in this one. The Flames should win this one rather easily.

Winnipeg Jets versus Nashville Predators

In this Central Division battle, the Predators are 2-0, while the Jets are right behind them at 1-1. Two teams very familiar with each other, they tied in 12 meetings last season. A very close match up, both teams are “burning hot” and the Jets hold a slim +28 to +26 edge on the Power Ranking Indicator. In a game that could be decided in overtime, the Predators have the edge on home ice and come away with a hard fought win.



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