NHL Playoffs Picks Contest Round Two: Habs Lightning Game Four Prediction

MLB and NHL Picks Contest: Round Two – NHL Playoffs, Habs Lightning Game Four on Tuesday!

The Tampa Bay offense’s speed and skill has dominated the Montreal defense that I thought would be their strong point. The Habs have been out-skated and the Lightning are getting chances. That said, it hasn’t mattered much with the way Carey Price has been playing and Montreal’s depth. As good as Anders Lindback was in Game One, he was a tremendous liability in Game Two. Montreal has the upper hand as the series shifts back to Canada, but there’s no quit in this Tampa team. In Game Four, will they roll over for the mighty Canadiens, or will they fight with the season on the line? That’s for you to decide. This series has been a coin flip, but it’s also been the most fun for me to watch. In Round Two of our NHL Picks Contest, after a postponed baseball game, we go with an NHL Playoffs pick – who will win?

To participate, since this is a hockey round, like our NHL Picks page and comment on the post pinned to the top of the wall. Good luck!



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