NHL Picks Contest ($100 Prize): New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks

NHL Picks Contest Round Two ($100 Prize): Rangers at Canucks
Saturday, December 13th

I liked this little rivalry after the coach swap, but now that John Tortorella is finally out of the NHL, this is just fun on its own. The New York Rangers have battled injuries and lost a little bit of depth this year, but the Canucks didn’t appear to be much deeper to begin the season. Adding veteran goaltender Ryan Miler seems to have made all the difference in Vancouver. That, and finally getting rid of Torts.

So, in our second round of a first-to-ten competition, who ya got? The Rangers are across the country, but I think they’re the better team. It’s also the front half of a back to back, but the back end is the Edmonton Oilers so I doubt that will have much of an impact here. This should be a nice defensive battle.

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Here’s a list of people who got it right last week – looks like a lot of the usual suspects again.


One win:
Tracy Hobbes
Jesse Tim
Robert Wilson
Scott Mangan
Lee Kal-El Clark
Duane Atkinson
Mike Galanti
Tommy Lemieux


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