NFL Picks Week Six, Sunday Night Football: Giants Eagles

NFL Picks Week Six: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Our only system play today was the Baltimore Ravens and that one was over shortly after it started. Sitting pretty, we’ll look at the Sunday Night Game, despite it’s lack of value and computer signal.

Z-Code suggests staying away, and I agree. The computer has basically a coin flip output with a small spread. The algorithm is essentially saying “Vegas got this right, just watch and enjoy a good game”. It is further limited in value by the fact that Sunday Night Football is always a highly public betting game no national television, where vegas can bait and manipulate the line. That said, this one looks like a coin flip that respective too.

These are two divisional rivals that know each other well. Both are clicking, the Eagles are led by defense while the Giants offense just found its stride. That said, they’ll be without their starting running back and who knows how they react.

With so many questions it’s probably best to just avoid. That said, I like the Giants. I don’t think the Eagles can keep up this comeback nonsense, and the Giants are playing so well right now. Tricky game, probably best to avoid, but gun to my head New York is my pick.

Giants 27 – Eagles 23
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.57.39 PM


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