NBA Predictions March 8: Denver and Golden State battle for supremecy

The NBA season has reached the critical stages in terms of battling for playoff position. Several key games are on tap for Friday, March 8 with Golden State and Denver topping the list. Note that all information is for games played through March 5.

Denver Nuggets versus Golden State Warriors

In this Western Conference showdown, the 42-21 Nuggets take on the 44-19 Warriors. Denver is 15-15 on the road and second in the conference, while the Warriors are 44-19 and 23-8 at home. Denver holds a +23 to +21 edge on the Power Ranking Indicator, while the Warriors are “average” status versus “average down”. Both teams are among the most stable teams in the NBA, performing consistently according to their favorite/underdog status. If you consider the over/under using the Totals Predictor, both teams are trending under, so betting the under is the best way to go in this one. The teams have split meetings so far this year, but Golden State should edge out a win in this one at home.

Detroit Pistons versus Chicago Bulls

Detroit has won the first two meetings this season between the teams. They are 31-31 on the season and just 12-18 on the road. However they are 8-2 over their last ten and “burning hot” on the Team Strength Oscillator. They hold a +16 to +4 advantage over the Bulls, who are 18-47 and just 7-25 at home. Chicago is +25 on the Team Volatility Oscillator and Detroit is +27, so betting according to favorite/underdog status is wise. Both teams are trending “over” on the Totals Predictor. Putting it all together, pick the Pistons as a road favorite and go with the “over”.

Philadelphia 76ers versus Houston Rockets

The Phladelphia 76ers are 41-23 on the season and 16-14 on the road. Winners of seven of their last ten, they are +23 on the Power Ranking Indicator and “average up” status. Houston is “burning hot”, having won their last six and are 22-9 at home and 39-25 overall. Philadelphia is the more stable unit at +24 compared to +6, while both teams are trending “under” on the Totals Predictor. Watch to see if Joel Embiid plays for the 76ers. If he is in the lineup, go with the 76ers and the “over”. If not, it’s Houston’s game and the “under”.

Toronto Raptors versus New Orleans Pelicans

Toronto is 46-19 for the season and trying to chase down the Bucks in the Eastern Conference. At 19-12 on the road, the Raptors are “average down” and +28 on the Power Ranking Indicator. New Orleans enters “burning hot” and are 18-12 at home, but just 30-36 overall. Both teams are showing stability, at +28 and +19 respectively on the Team Volatility Oscillator. Toronto has been slightly over on the Totals Predictor, while the Pelicans are trending other. Best to avoid the over/under in this one. As for who wins the game, go with the Pelicans to keep their hot streak and edge the Raptors.

Oklahoma City Thunder versus Los Angeles Clippers

Oklahoma City is 39-25 on the season and 17-16 on the road, but have “dead” status and only +18 on the Power Ranking Indicator due to their recent play. The Clippers on the other had are 37-29 on the season, 18-12 at home and “burning hot”. Stability has been shown by both teams, performing consistently with their favorite/underdog status. If looking at the over/under, the Thunder have been trending much below the “under” while the Clippers are “over”. Consider avoiding the over/under in this one. As for the outcome of the game, look for the Clippers to keep the Thunder in a slump, wining the game to even the season series.



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22 thoughts on “NBA Predictions March 8: Denver and Golden State battle for supremecy

  1. I have nothing against Golden State, but come on, you all know some of these guys aren't having that good of years.
  2. Even though I'm a Denver fan I actually like both teams and I'm expecting a great series between the Denver and Golden State
  3. Nobody has a great team, but as for me Denver is the most balanced. That portends them being the one to pick for the division

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