MLB World Series Prediction Contest: $100 Prize

MLB Picks Contest: World Series Prediction ($100 Prize)Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.10.59 PM

Low participation and the prize being attainable by only a few members has forced my hand. I love these contests, but with hockey around the corner and the NFL already started, we’re just going to move forward. Since I, your beloved lead writer and contest organizer Mark Donatiello, am one of the leaders, I’m going to step aside and leave this one to our loyal followers who are in legitimate contention to get to ten wins first and I will just sit back and watch your predictions for the 2015 MLB World Series.


For your continued and successful participation, only Tarjani Gergely,Duane Atkinson, and Pat O’Rielley are invited to this first-ever playoffs showdown.

You may not repeat a World Series prediction winner of any other competitors. First come first served.

If nobody predicts the World Series winner, the team with the most wins in the playoffs wins.

If there is a tie in the number of wins by our World Series predictions and all teams are eliminated, I will come up with a tiebreaker relating to the actual world series.

Good luck and remember, the winner gets $100. Simply post your team before the playoffs start. Don’t forget to follow along as we post playoff winners all postseason and look for our next contest, which will be on our NFL and NHL picks pages.


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