MLB Picks Contest: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Update

MLB Picks Contest ($100): New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Standings Update

First – here are my picks for today:
AB Doubler
New York Yankees over Boston Red Sox
Texas Rangers over San Diego Padres
ABC progression
Pittsburgh Pirates over Milwaukee Brewers

Congratulations to those of you who took the Boston Red Sox to win a game in our first-ever parlay edition of the MLB Picks contest. The New York Yankees left a lot of runners on base and stranded the bases loaded in the 9th. You guys got lucky, but man did I give you some value… the Yankees were an underdog in game one, and we still had about half the contestant pool say they would sweep the first two games.

Here are our standings after the latest round of the MLB Picks Contest. Remember, the first to ten wins gets a free $100 prize.

Six Wins
Mark Donatiello
Tarjani Gergely

Five Wins
Duane Atkinson

Four Wins
Pat O’Rielley
Gary Collinson

Three Wins
Alex Dionne

Two Wins:
Paulius PM
Go Packers Go
Mike Galanti

One Win:
Matej Vodeb
Rosmer Garcia
Robert Wilson
Paulius Mituzas
Jerome Badet


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