MLB Picks Contest, All Star Break Standings Update: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

MLB All-Star Break: Baseball Picks Contest Standings, Yankees Orioles

Not a lot of participation in this round of the competition, but the Baltimore Orioles defeated the New York Yankees in a shortened game to take us to the All Star Break. Congratulations to our winners, which were few and far between. Hopefully when baseball returns we’ll have some more support. Our leaders can still be caught! That said, congratulations to Alex and Duane, who padded their leads.

Eight Wins
Duane Atkinson
Alex Dionne

Five Wins
Tommy Lemieux

Four Wins
Izabela Janochowska
Jackson Fisher
Pat O’Rielley
Lee Kal-El Clark

Three Wins:
Jeff Kuper
Robert Wilson
Remiguisz Widz
Gergely Tarjani

Two wins:
Rolando Seng
Michal Jonchowski
Tracy Hobbes
Elias Andersen
Tyler Major-Mcnicol
Suhrobjon Sobirov
Danny Dmytroshkin
Mark Donatiello
D. Sportstips

One Win:
Ryan Doll
Kim DeSciscio
Aghiles Talah
David Salda
Anthony Bud
Cholito Real Villasmil
Remigiusz Widz
Aghiles Talah
Angel Garcia
Paolo Cardoso
Mike Galanti
Melissa Barton
Jorge Cardenas
Mindaugas Gricius
Armando Bastidas
Stanley Meinhardt


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