MLB and NHL Playoffs Picks Contest: New York Yankees Vs NY Mets

NHL and MLB Picks Contest Standings Update Round Five: New York Yankees Vs New York Mets

Say hello to your new leader, folks. Izabela Janochowska slides into sole possession of first place by picking the New York Mets to upset the New York Yankees in the Bronx in Game Two of the Subway Series. Don’t forget to follow both pages!

Four Wins:
Izabela Janochowska

Three Wins:
Tommy Lemieux
Alex Dionne
Jackson Fisher
Duane Atkinson

Two wins:
Pat O’Rielley
Rolando Seng
Michal Jonchowski
Tracy Hobbes
Elias Andersen
Robert Wilson
Jeff Kuper

One Win:
Ryan Doll
Kim DeSciscio
Aghiles Talah
David Salda
Mark Donatiello
Anthony Bud
Cholito Real Villasmil
Remigiusz Widz
Aghiles Talah
Gergely Tarjani
Angel Garcia
Tyler Major-Mcnicol
Remiguisz Widz


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