Line Reversals App. Results with Sharp Money and Smart Money bets

Line Reversal App for iPhone and iPad is going Gold into the Apple Review. Crossing fingers now.
We finished successful beta-test with 5 zcoders, added several new features such as Push Notifications about signals.

17 Feb Line Reversals on NHL recap

Tampa/Florida – very difficult signal to read. Nedyak says it might be a signal for Tampa, but for me this spike is hard to understand, so when it is not clear i PASS. Game went very close and ended in random OT.
Islanders – nice and easy chart and they won easily. WIN
Toronto – another messed up line. Strong support for toronto then reversal back. PASS or Loss
Montreal – weak early signal, then line hang around same positions. WIN
Ducks – very strong final reversal and Ducks won in SO. WIN
Phoenix – very clear easy win here. one of the strongest signals of the day. WIN
Oilers – early reversal against oilers but then 3 (!!) supportive ones and they WON.
Awesome day for line reversals if you follow them.
If something is not clear better to pass.. If you see clean reversals like in Ducks or Oilers game,the last one (closer to the game) is always decisive.


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