Jonny Ma new featuring interview: NCAA Rushing Supremacy System

Hi Jonny! Your new NCAA Rushing Supremacy System (RSS) system is up to an amazing start! Please tell us more how did you come up with this brilliant idea? What is your profit expectations for the season?

Hi Mike, the NCAA Rushing Supremacy System isn’t actually an original Jonny Ma system. I got the system idea from a book I read before that focused primarily on money management. At first I took the system at face value and after a couple of losing weeks, I quickly realized that the author did not include all the details. So I started adding additional parameters and eventually came to what I have now. Last season we got about half a season in with fantastic results. This season so far is what we’ve seen. After 6 weeks, the system has a 20-5 record, an 80% win rate, for a season profit of 14.5 units so far! (assuming -110 odds). I’m not sure what my profit expectations are for the season. If we can hit 20 or 25 units profit that would be nice would set the expectations bar for the following season.

2. Do you plan to apply similar idea to other sports like NBA or NCAA Basketball?

The rushing game is something that is unique to football. I would be interested to see how it applies to the NFL, but what I’m concerned about is that it might only give 2 or 3 game on the entire season. This is primarily because of a few major differences between college football and professional football, many of these points are detailed in my RSS thread. But some of the main points are the differences in the number of teams, the quality of the players, and the number of games per season.

3. What is your opinion of the upcoming NBA 2013/14 season? What teams will be most different in performance comparing to the last year based on the trades and team changes?

The western conference will be just as competitive, if not more so than, as last year. The eastern conference just gained a team that can play on par with the defending champion Heat team. With Derrick Rose back on the Bulls, I now have the Bulls as a very close #2 in the East, not far below the Heat by my numbers. Other teams to watch in the East are the Cavaliers and Nets for various reasons. In the west, Lakers I feel will be vastly different, mostly for worse. I don’t feel the Lakers will be able to match up fairly against the other western teams. They might do well against some of the eastern teams, but they’ll likely be a struggling 0.500 team this season. I think the Rockets, Clippers, and Warriors are all potential surprises this season (does me putting them in the spotlight ruin the surprise?). The usual contenders will be the Spurs and Thunder.

4. You are the man of very high standards. What is your vision on the next 3 years in sports capping and your business?

This year, I personally witnessed the fall and crash of saber metrics style of handicapping for the MLB. I feel that in the next 3 years, we’ll see less cappers relying on the traditional styles of handicapping and lean towards more data based approaches. As for me, I’ll be looking to refine my own data based systems for optimal results and I am hoping that in 3 years, I will be able to become a full time capper and covering a wide variety of sports.

5. This is my favorite question, what makes great people great? Is it luck? Genes? Maybe talent? Getting in the right place right time? Or hard work?

One word: DEDICATION. Okay, one more word: COMMITMENT.
Of course, luck, genes, talent all have some influence, but I would say dedication and commitment makes up 90% of the formula. You must be willing to commit yourself and dedicate yourself to your trade in order to become successful. I probably can’t explain it properly, so the best example I can provide is the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. Jiro is the best example of what I preach.


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