Is it a FUTURE of sports?

The future of sports? Robots playing robots without fans or human interaction?

But fun stuff aside…



With a viewership bigger than Stanley cup, Super Bowl, Wimbledon or Masters and the prize funds of over 219millions, Esport is quickly becoming the Next Big Thing!

Tracing only to Olympics and Football world cup, Esport quickly became number 3 biggest sport in the world..

Even still, not many are aware of this, but there is serious money flowing through the E-sports sports industry. The game you love doesn’t have to just be a hobby anymore. With the right tools, anyone can be very successful and profitable betting eSports.

With traditional sports going on hiatus after Coronavirus Cov19 pandemic, esports got the opportunity to be HUGE!

Research found that the total amount bet on esports competitions is expected to hit $24.9 billion this year

The question is will traditional sports fans actually tune into, follow, and bet on esports? Will you join the profit train or remain on the sidelines and miss all the action?

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