Interviewing Jimmy – One of the most successful and consistent handicapping records around

For this interview, we have a person with one of the most successful and consistent handicapping records around. During his time at ZCode, he has delivered winning results in NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. He is also a very cool and humble guy who always has the time to help others.


1. Hi Jimmy, tell us more about yourself – where are you from, and how did you get into sports investing?

- I am from Canada’s Capital Ottawa, Canada! I got into sports investing about 8 years ago. I have always loved sports in general and thought there must be a way to make money off betting on teams to win. Obviously, 8 years ago I didn’t have close to the knowledge that I have today when It comes to picking sports teams like I do today with the tools I have at my disposal and criteria I follow for my selections. I can tell you I went through a ton of different systems that were useless and learned the hard way like I am sure a lot of people have done when it comes with sports investing! It wasn’t until I came across Z Code that I finally found ways to win more consistently:)

2. Since you started posting your selections as a progression back in April, it just exploded. How many units has your system has made this year? And how many C losses?

- This was the first year that I put my progression system to the test with MLB and so far with NHL! During my 6 month run of MLB (April to Sept) I only had 1 C bet loss and I did have a bumpy start to NHL this season with a C bet loss right off the bat as I decided to mix in NFL for a bit and decided to leave it out as it’s only best to stick with 1 sport at a time! So far I have made + 74 units profit only investing to win 1 unit per pick on my ABC progression system! I had 3 C bet losses in total since I began back in April! I calculate that in a 365 days calendar year that I should have only 3-5 C bet losses which means a lot of profits!

3. Only 3 losses? Wow, you clearly follow the philosophy: “less is more.” Why is selectiveness so important?

- Yea its been an awesome ride for sure! I believe selectiveness is important in order to find the best plays each day. I only make on average 1 play a day but put a lot of research and follow my own criteria for my picks. If they don’t meet my guidelines that I just do not bet and wait until a better opportunity arises. That’s the main reason why I have only had 3 C bet losses so far this year:) Sometimes it takes a lot of will power but it pays off in the longterm! The mistake a lot of sports investors do I find is that they over bet or invest in too many games that day and once that happens it only takes 1 or 2 bad days to blow the bankroll and that’s something I have learned the hard way.

4. You have destroyed the myth that you can’t be successful in the long term betting on favorites. What’s your secret?

- I have heard that myth too but it doesn’t seem correct. My track record speaks for itself and using a progression system I believe it can be successful long term as it has been for my system since April! I don’t really have a so called secret other then just reviewing the games on the board each day and making sure it fits a certain prerequisite before making the decision to place it as my daily bet!

5. As a great Ottawa Senators fan, how difficult it is to stay impartial when you choose a side?

- I am a big Ottawa Senators fan indeed! Well, I have learned many times the hard way as I used to bet with my heart and not my head! I can’t tell you how much money I lost because of that but it was a lot! As a result, I have learned to stay disciplined and only follow my system and criteria’s that I follow strictly. The Senators are having a bit of a disappointing year so far and thus you won’t find many of my plays supporting them.


6. What Zcode tools do you like and use to help with your wins?

- Well, I am an old fashion handicapper when it comes to picking my plays so I look at what teams are burning hot, head to head match up statistics, as well as what Zcode rates the team star value wise. If I have a toss up situation where I feel 2 teams can be my selection then I go to the other experts in my category like Omega and Greg and they help me by giving me there advice and clarification on it! It’s always helping having that reinsurance by other Zcode legends other then just relying on they say..when in doubt just ask for some help!

7. You share your selections very early; it usually gives the line more value. Is that the reason you share early?

- Well there are usually 2 reasons..1) is usually the favorite teams odds will drop considerably by the next day to the point where the value isn’t as good as it was when the line opens. I find this happens 85% of the time. The reason is most bettors love the favorites! Reason 2) is that I work full time job and I don’t have enough time in the day to post my plays and get them out to everyone! This way it works out for everyone as there are a lot of sports investors on Zcode from around the world in different time zones! Gives everyone a chance to review my play and follow:)

8. Which sport do you enjoy the most; not to watch but to do the handicapping work?

- Wow, that’s a tough one as there is only 2 sports I dedicate to follow for my system and that’s MLB and NHL. To be honest, both are almost the same but with MLB I enjoyed comparing era’s pitcher vs. pitcher and I like how the teams have a 3-4 game series and I find it’s easier to cap that way as usually the game and team that has the ace on the mound will win most of the time in that series! Thus, I find it’s easier to predict the winner’s that way!

9. Share with us your best bad bet story. Also your most satisfying win.

- Well my worst bad bet story probably would have gone back to when I first started betting on sports. I was a lot younger then and more naive for sure. I came across a sports capper that told me that he had a lock of the century and that it won’t lose! He basically told me to risk my entire bankroll on the pick so I trusted him as I actually was a paid member of his site like 8 years ago. So I went all in $8000 and yea I lost it all..that’s what I was referring about learning the hard way! It devastated me as it took me almost a year to build up that bankroll from $500 and I told myself never will I trust someone else with my entire bankroll. From that moment on, I started picking my own plays. Now back then I wasn’t even half as consistent as I am today but it was from a lot of tweaking my methods that turned me into a consistent capper as I am today!

My most satisfying win would be the NFL pro pools through the lottery corporation. The 2008 NFL season my friend and I predicted all 14 games that week in the NFL and we got all correct  and shared $30,000 so $15,000 each bam just like that..pretty cool when the wager was only $5 lol. It was definitely an amazing feeling!

10. You do a great job of helping people to understand how to make picks and generally improve their own handicapping skills. Why do you do that instead of just posting your selections?

- Well we are a community of helping other’s succeed in sports investing so I feel it’s only the right thing to do is help others and show reasoning behind the pick so they feel confident in playing my selection on a daily basis! Also, it wasn’t long ago that I was a newbie in the sports investing world and I had a lot of questions that I needed clarification on, so I know what’s it like and it’s all about giving back and helping others in my opinion. It gives me great satisfaction when I can help someone succeed and teach them the basics and fundamentals of sports investing!

11. What is the difference between a good capper and a great sports investor?

 - Well, a good capper picks the plays each day following there filters/criteria set forth but may not know a great deal about money management. A great sports investor knows about money management and how to protect there bankroll in fluctuations. As example, if a C bet losses you have to be able to have enough to recover from the loss and only bet 1-5% of your bankroll (whatever your comfortable with) at all times so as a sports investor it takes a lot of willpower and strict money management to stay focused for the long term profits!


12. It’s almost impossible to make a prediction, but which teams do you think will be real contenders for winning the Stanley Cup?

- Well we are now full swing into the NHL Season and with what I have seen so far, the teams that I think have the best shot is Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, LA Kings, Tampa Bay Lightening and my dark horse is the Nashville Predators! They have been unreal at home so far this year with the best record and have definitely improved from last year in all areas plus there goalie Pekke Rinne has been on fire and that’s what carry’s a team far into the playoffs:)

13. Can you divulge any final advice or tips?

- Well, I would recommend to any sports investor here on Zcode to follow only 2-3 systems and to follow it religiously. Betting on too many systems will take a great deal of capital and if one system goes cold you have to have enough in your bankroll designated for that system to be able to recover. Also,  Don’t over bet your bankroll..only 1-5% depending what your willing to risk and just stay with it and you will see it increase slowly! As we all say, it’s not a sprint but a marathon! Lastly, if any one ever has questions for me about my system and how to bet feel free to post it in my forum and I will answer as soon as I can:)


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