Interview with Constantine: Soccer expert, sharing his 1HOG strategies, Insights and Experiences

Today with us a soccer expert from Romania, BMW fan, a loving parent, successful psychologist and a very cool and dedicated guy, Constantine. He shares his experience, learning from the legends and applying all this knowledge in his very profitable system. Among other things Constantine talks about his background, describes the strategy for his 1HOG plays, give us his Copa America and Euro 2016 predictions, show us his sweet ride and many other cool stuff. Enjoy!

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1. Welcome, Constantine. Please tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in sports investing?

Hello guys. I am from Bucharest, Romania, a beautiful country in Europe. I am 31 years old, have 2 kids, Gabriel is 4 years old and Alexandra is only 7 months old :). I am a psychologist, waiting for my PhD degree this fall.
First bet I have ever made was back in 2003 on a street bookie. I was downtown with a friend, he was going to bet on a game and I tried it, too. Then I remember I placed some bets during Euro 2004. After that (when I was losing my pocket money, of course, because I was betting all the favorites in parlays) I think there were a few years when I didn’t bet at all. Started hard again in 2011, I was with a friend one night watching Barcelona-Real and we put a lot of money on Barcelona, we went to the ATM to get the money because I didn’t have an online bookie at that time. He was so sure that Barcelona will win, and he put a lot of money on them, so I said why not. We won big that time and I kept doing it. But the success wasn’t too long, started losing again because I made big mistakes, like following the losses, parlays with many teams, lack of patience, and so on. Then, one night last year I was very angry because I lost a lot of money that day, and found a commercial of Zcode on a website. Thought it may be a scam thing, like many others, but I said let’s give it a try. Everything changed after that day, learnt a lot of good things here.

2. As a non-native English speaker, do you find it difficult to follow the wall?

It’s not difficult at all, I liked learning English in school and I know it pretty well. I am not speaking it too much though, so I am not so good at talking in English, but in written it’s pretty easy for me.


3. What can you tell us of the soccer experts in the community? What have you learn from them and how are you passing the torch?

I think the soccer experts are great. Learnt a lot from each of them, and I am not just saying it.

Marina, Dragon and Delboy were on Zcode when I joined the party. They teached me how to be profitable when betting on soccer. Before joining Zcode, I was not very convinced that single bets can bring profits. Learnt to be disciplined.
Then Casey with his great live bets made me turn my attention to live betting on goals. Of course, Brendan shared his goal system for hockey and then it was just a small step till soccer goals madness started. So, thank you Brendan. By the way, I think betting on soccer goals is the most profitable thing when it comes to sports investing.
Another great expert is Vincent, can’t wait for the big leagues to start and follow him. Cliff is also great with his strategies, even if he is an all-sports investor, not only a soccer expert.
I have to say “thank you” to these guys and to all Zcode experts.

About my contribution, I was very very busy this summer with the kids, the job and the PhD, but I will be back and will be more active starting with September. Will share my list of games for goals again


4. Sounds very good, we’ll be expecting those plays from you. In which leagues do you trade, primarily? What is your usual trading style?

I don’t have a favorite league. As my main bets are on soccer goals (I think over 90%), I look for good games, the country is not important. For instance, I like Argentina B, even if they don’t score very much, the odds are great, and all I need is 1 goal. Managed to have good results with the big leagues having a holiday, this period I used mostly the Nordic leagues, Kazakhstan, South America, Japan, Korea, China.

5. Do you prefer a large volume of plays or to play few games? Why?

It depends. I play all the good games. One day I may bet on 2 games, if only 2 games are good enough for what I need. Other days I may bet on 20 games, if there are 20 good games. I try hard to stick to my own rules.


6. Which are the most important statistics that you consider when you’re making your first half over 0.5 goal?

The most important criteria is the Over 1.5 goals statistics. I look at the league table, and I search for the Over 1.5 standings, which teams have the most games where at least 2 goals were scored. That’s because I think that the Over 0.5 statistics may lie a bit, one goal may come by mistake. So, Over 1.5 goals statistics is my main criteria when I search for good games for goals. Also the live stats are important. I make my list with the games that meet the 1st criteria (over 1.5 goals), and the in-play stats are the 2nd criteria, also very important. Of course, I try to find the most offensive team, but also I look for the value, teams like Barcelona will have too low odds for goals.

The things I have learnt during the run for the Psychologist degree are helping a lot, I mean a lot, with sports investing. Understanding how people think, like coaches, players, even fans, is great for sports predictions. In fact, I think this is the key, to understand how the actors of the sports we bet on are thinking at some point in the game. For instance, for goals strategy, I like watching the game and trying to see how the coach or the players are acting if they are in the lead or if they are one goal down. Especially in the 2nd half, when the teams who are down are taking bigger risks. The way they are running, the substitutes the coach is doing, the way the coach is pushing his boys to the other half of the field, the fans being wild because their team is down and cheering to help them score, all these things are adding up and tell me if the chances for another goal are good enough to take the risk.

7. It’s great to have specialist in different fields of expertise, this helps a lot for analysis. Changing the subject, FIFA is involved in a big scandal at the moment. What’s your stand on the topic? Is it good for the game? Will there be a new, more transparent era as a result?

I think no matter who will be FIFA’s president, the corruption will not stop. It’s like in politics, in my opinion. When a new party or a new leader comes to the top, they are more hungry than the predecessors. Anyway, I am glad that FIFA is under control now, maybe we will find the truth about some things, like Henry’s goal against Ireland or the WC being played in Qatar.



8. There are only 8 winners of the FIFA World Cup; it’s a very elite group. Do you think it likely that any other country could win the World Cup?

I think that only Netherlands has the power to win the WC, from the countries who never won it. But of course, may have a surprise, I think that Belgium, Chile and Colombia are good teams. By the way, in my opinion, if the WC will be played in Russia like it was decided, an European team will win the WC 2018.

9. This summer, we have the Copa America. Argentina looks like the most solid team, but Brazil, Chile and Colombia won’t go down without a fight. What are your predictions and analysis for the most ancient international continental football competition?

As I write this down, Brazil is out of Copa America. I expected this, I think Brazil is not as good as it looks. There are no more players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Cafu, Ronaldinho, Adriano, and many others. Brazil is weak at this moment. I think Argentina will win Copa America this year. The thing is the players are very fatigued, their mind is not with them, they are thinking about moving to other European clubs, to get more money, not to go back to the club injured, things like these. National teams are not so important as they were 15-20 years ago. The clubs are leading the business now.

10. Euro qualifiers are in the middle of the road. Which selections have surprised you, pleasantly or otherwise? What can we expect for Euro 2016?

I am pleasantly surprised by Iceland. A few years ago, they had a great U21 generation and many soccer experts said they will grow up nicely at the 1st team. Looks like they were right. Also Wales, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Croatia are doing great. Also Northern Ireland, which is fighting Romania for the 1st spot in the group. My favorite outsider team, after Romania of course, is Poland. I like their style and their players. On the other hand, Netherlands disappointed me. I like them very much, but they are doing bad at the moment. I expected Bosnia to be placed higher. Greece is the biggest bad surprise, in my opinion. Also Serbia should have been placed higher, they have great players. But, as I said, great players are not enough for the national teams these days, if they are focused only on the club.


11. If you don’t mind my asking, how do you spend those sweet profits that you’re making?

Well……I built my own beautiful house in the last 4 years. Moved in last year in August. I have a big bank loan, a lot of money to pay back. The profits are helping a lot. After I will finish giving the money back, I will jump on another BMW 🙂 Fast cars are my passion, I love BMW, I love the noise of a M5. So a new one is my dream. Will get it one day soon, I hope. The other car I love is the Nissan GTR, by the way.
But the most important thing now is to pay for my house, because it’s my family’s asset. Then, my passion will have priority 🙂

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12. Please give our sports investing newbies some words of wisdom!

My advice would be to try to learn as much as they can. Zcode is a great place to learn how to win good money on sports investing. It takes time to learn and then to become a sports investor, but the returns are great. It’s amazing to do the thing you like the most and to be paid for it. Also, ask any question you may have, someone will answer and all the things will be very clear.

Thanks so much Constantine for your time


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